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PHOTOS: Rise Artists shine in new photoshoot!

Here are our 19 Rise artists in a shoot like you've never seen before!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 4/5/2021 in Photos

"We Rise Together" just turned one year old!

The digital show, which premiered in April last year, marked its first anniversary with a special photoshoot featuring the 19 Rise artists.

Donning their best outfits as styled by Patricia Coronado — Belle Mariano, JC Alcantara, Gillian Vicencio, Charlie Dizon, Vivoree, Rhys Miguel, Kaori Oinuma, Daniela Stranner, Markus Paterson, Jeremiah Lisbo, Arielle Roces, CJ Salonga, Gigi De Lana, Anthony Jennings, Karina Bautista, Aljon Mendoza, Shanaia Gomez, Zach Castaneda, and Bianca De Vera — really shone in their individual photos.

See more of their stunning shoot in the gallery above and show your support to the Rise artists in the comments!

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