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Celebrity zodiac: 17 celebs who are Aries

Do you have the same traits as these celebrities born during Aries season?

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/5/2021 in News
Celebrity zodiac: 17 celebs who are Aries

Aries season is here, and being the first in the zodiac circle, there's no other sign that is as passionate, brave, and strong as them.

Those who were born between March 21 and April 20 fall under the zodiac Aries, who are known for their strong sense of leadership. They are born to become leaders, and are very dynamic, competitive, and fierce when it comes to chasing after their dreams.

And since they exude that fierce aura as fire signs, they totally make heads turn with their mere presence and are total stand-outs in large crowds. This nature also makes them the most impatient among the zodiac with their explosive temper. So the next time you meet an Aries, keep in mind that they are not ones to mess with!

Curious who among the showbiz celebrities actually embody some of these traits? Here's a round-up of the Kapamilya stars who are born under Aries:

Kathryn Bernardo



Janella Salvador



Ria Atayde



A post shared by Ria Atayde (@ria)


Ellen Adarna



A post shared by EA (@maria.elena.adarna)


Kim Chiu



KC Concepcion



Jasmine Curtis-Smith



A post shared by Jasmine (@jascurtissmith)


Sharlene San Pedro



Nathalie Hart



Melai Cantiveros



Elha Nympha



Vice Ganda



Enrique Gil



A post shared by Enrique Gil (@enriquegil17)


Matteo Guidicelli



A post shared by Matteo Guidicelli (@matteog)


Richard Gomez



Albert Martinez



Aljur Abrenica



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