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Beauty Gonzalez tells what happened when husband tested positive with COVID-19

All Beauty could do was wait and pray as husband Norman was in the hospital battling COVID-19

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/5/2021 in News
Beauty Gonzalez tells what happened when husband tested positive with COVID-19

Beauty Gonzalez recounted the dark and painful days she spent at home with her child Olivia, not knowing what to do or what would happen next, as her husband laid on a hospital bed battling the COVID-19 virus.

The actress shared her experience on Instagram, calling it “An Easter Story”. She began, “For the last couple of weeks my life has been put on hold. Everything on my mind and in my heart suddenly changed. Norman tested positive for COVID and had to be rushed to the hospital. This world problem suddenly hit home hard and fast and I wasn’t prepared.”

Norman was admitted to the hospital and Beauty was left worrying for him, while at the same time trying to keep her calm for the sake of their daughter.

“A day after symptoms showed, he was alone in a hospital ward halfway across town struggling for space and breath with dozens of other patients,” she said. “I, too, was alone at home with Olivia, totally in the dark as to what was happening at the hospital. It felt like my world was ending and I didn’t know how or why. All I could recall were the statistics and death tolls I’ve heard this entire year, how sometimes unbelievable they were and now how real they have suddenly become.”



Beauty feared the uncertainties of the virus, but she couldn’t do anything else but wait and pray for the best.

“I didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t breathe, pneumonia, anything and everything was a possibility with this unstudied disease. No cure, no sure treatment was the only sure thing. I was going out of my mind, trying to call anyone who could offer me hope. I was trying to be brave for Olivia, who somehow must have felt that nothing was right. All I could do was wait,” she shared.

She added that one of the biggest challenges was not being able to be with Norman while he was suffering. “The aloneness of this disease will kill the spirit even before it damages the body. The hardest thing for a wife to do is to just sit and wait for a sick husband to come home, not being able to be there and comfort him was against every grain in my body. But it was something everyone of us in this situation has had to do.”

“I spoke to God many times. I made promises to myself. I held my child often. I made sure that life from this day forward, no matter what happens will be filled with love and light, that all this suffering would not be for nothing,” the “Kadenang Ginto” star continued.

But no matter how strong she tried to be, she still couldn’t help but break down at times. “In the still of the night, I was just a girl crying alone in the middle of the night thinking things will never be the same again.”

Just when she was starting to lose hope, Beauty received a call from Norman. “He called. He sounded tired and sad, almost defeated. Except for a strange something in his voice, that same strange thing he does when he speaks to me and Olivia like little girls. ‘Don’t worry, baby. Everything’s gonna be alright.’ And it was. He came home.”

“Nothing will ever be the same again. Family is EVERYTHING. Thank you everyone,” said Beauty.

Norman and Beauty were introduced by their common friend Ellen Adarna. They became a couple in 2014 and two years later, they welcomed Olivia into their life. They tied the know the following year in a gorgeous black-and-white themed ceremony in Tagaytay.

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