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Baron Geisler sheds tears as he reveals biggest regret in life

Baron: "I wanted my mom to see me clean"

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/5/2021 in News
Baron Geisler sheds tears as he reveals biggest regret in life

Baron Geisler admits he has many regrets in life. But the biggest one, he said, is the fact that he was not able to show his late mother a better version of himself.

His mom Gracia died at the age of 60 in 2017 due to cancer, years before the controversial actor became clean.

In an interview on Toni Gonzaga’s vlog, Baron said he was right beside his mother when she died, and he regretted that she never got to see him completely clean.

“My dream kasi nung time na ‘yun, na for my mom to see me clean,” he said while shedding tears. Baron said he also regrets that his mom was not able to meet his baby Tali. If his mom was alive, he believes Tali will be a spoiled granddaughter.

Despite his mother passing away, Baron believes she will still be proud of the progress he has made.

“My mother will forever be living with me in my heart,” he said, adding that once in a while he still says a little shout out to his mother.

Growing up in a family of disciplinarians, Baron said he immediately sought freedom in the “rock star” lifestyle of being a celebrity.

The “Tabing Ilog” star has since figured in a lot of trouble including bar fights and public misbehavior, but Baron has come a long way since. After seven times of getting into rehab, the actor is now a full-fledged family man with his wife Jamie Evangelista and daughter Tali. He has also found a new life with God, being a devoted Christian with his “faith family” in Cebu, where he has been residing for three years.

Baron believes he is now a better version of himself because of God and his family, but he said the best is yet to come.

“When one is humbled down, there begins the spiritual awakening and the willingness to change. It took away the self-entitlement,” he said.

Watch the full vlog here:



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