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Andi Eigenmann proud of Ellie's piano skills

Ellie looks very comfortable with the piano.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/29/2021 in News
Andi Eigenmann proud of Ellie's piano skills

Looks like Andi Eigenmann will soon have a bona fide musician at home.

In an Instagram video posted Monday, April 26, Andi showed a clip of her daughter Ellie playing the song "Somewhere In Time" on the piano.


"It makes me proud as a parent, when I see my kids falling in love with various activities I introduce them to. But moreso when I see them discover new things and fall in love with them, on their own," Andi said.

Having come from a family of decorated actors and actresses, Andi's daughter seems to be destined to fall in love with the arts.

But should they fall in love with other things, Andi said she will still be supportive of her kids.

"It's a win for me to be able to give them this life, and see them happy living it. But the true win is them knowing for sure that there is no reason to be ashamed of getting out there, to be whoever they wish to be, and choose to live a life that makes them happy," Andi said.

"Regardless of how different that may be from mine, I will support them and they will always have me," she added.

Ellie is Andi's daughter with Jake Ejercito.

Andi has two more kids with her non-showbiz partner Philmar Alipuyo, namely Lilo and Koa.

Andi and Philmar and the rest of the kids have been living quietly in Siargao for a while now.



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