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Toni Gonzaga shares anniversary gift from Paul Soriano

Paul Soriano makes one of Toni Gonzaga’s dreams come true!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/27/2021 in News
Toni Gonzaga shares anniversary gift from Paul Soriano

Toni Gonzaga’s husband Paul Soriano isn’t only her dream man, he’s also her dream-fulfiller!

For their wedding anniversary, Toni was asked by the director what she wanted as a gift and here’s what she told him.

“Paul asked me last year ano daw ang gift na gusto ko for our anniversary and I just said, ‘Don’t buy me shoes, bags, or jewelry. Just give me my all-white masters banyo,’” she shared on her latest vlog.

In this video, she gave a quick tour of their newly-renovated bathroom that looks straight out of Architectural Digest.

The Ultimate Multimedia star described it as “sleek,” “clean,” and just how she wanted it.

Of course, there’s a little something for their four-year-old son Seve as well. He gets his own medicine cabinet in between his mom and dad’s. And their bathtub is also something that Seve gets privilege to and has been making it his favorite pastime while in lockdown.

Toni said, “This one has been very useful this whole pandemic. This is where Seve spends most of his time. Basta ‘pag 7pm, alam na niya ‘yun; bathtub time.”

Toni and Paul dated for eight years before getting married in June 2015. The following year, they became parents with the birth of Seve.

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