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BGYO’s ‘He’s Into Her’ is the perfect summer anthem, according to int’l fans

International fans are sooo into BGYO’s newest single “He’s Into Her”!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/27/2021 in News
BGYO’s ‘He’s Into Her’ is the perfect summer anthem, according to int’l fans

BGYO has taken the world by storm with their newest single “He’s Into Her”!

The song was released last week on streaming sites along with its lyric video and visualizer, as the official soundtrack for the upcoming iWant TFC series of the same title.

Members Gelo Rivera, Nate Porcalla, JL Toreliza, Mikki Claver, and Akira Morishita also gave a sweet performance of it on “ASAP Natin ‘To” last Sunday, April 25, and vloggers across the globe just can’t enough!

The verdict was unanimous: “He’s Into Her” is the newest pop anthem that’s gonna leave us singing and dancing all summer!

Jeevan from India loved the song so much that he said he’s going to set it as his morning alarm. He also thought the visualizer is just as cute as the song and their live performance “had everything!"

Joyah from Malaysia loved its summer vibe as well, especially the parts where the boys’ voices harmonized to perfection.

After watching the visualizer, VVreactions from Norway wanted to download the song right away and called it “a bop”. She said she enjoyed the “ASAP” number as well, “I seriously, seriously love the choreography! I feel kilig with every single one of them.”

MoriMori Entertainment from U.S. found the song “so good and so catchy,” and they just couldn’t help but dance along. They gushed about the group’s vocals too and said the visualizer’s mysterious ending made them want to watch the series.

Also from the U.S., Mathias Werner watched BGYO’s performance and said, “This is summer in a song. Driving down the road, your hair blowing in the breeze. First time hearing it and it was immediately catchy. It is stuck in head, like over and over again.”

American YouTuber FashionistaDia had the same reaction, saying, “I loved it. It was cute.”

Yumiko from Spain immediately thought that the song was catchy and definitely fits the youth-oriented series.

Blaqui & Raira, also from Spain, reviewed BGYO’s “The Light” performance before and said that “He’s Into Her” has completely different vibe. “It’s very summer,” they said.

Check out the lyric video, visualizer, and live performance of “He’s Into Her” by BGYO below and see what they mean!

Based on the best-selling Precious Pages-LIB novel, “He’s Into Her” stars Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, as well as Jeremiah Lisbo, Kaori Oinuma, Rhys Miguel, Criza Taa, Joao Constancia, and more. It is directed by Chad Vidanes.

Catch it on iWant TFC this May!

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