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Kathryn Bernardo shares secret to everyday makeup look

We're definitely copping Kathryn's makeup routine!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/26/2021 in News
Kathryn Bernardo shares secret to everyday makeup look

Kathryn Bernardo has grown into one beautiful lady right before our eyes.

And while Kathryn strikes us time and time again with her irresistible charms, it seems like the secret to her beauty is much simpler than it looks. Kath's beauty, after all, lies not in extravagance or fanfare, but in utter simplicity.

In her new vlog entry on Saturday, April 24, Kathryn finally showed us how she does her everyday makeup look, which usually starts with two things you can find at home — towels and ice.

Yes, one of Kath's beauty secrets to long and lasting makeup is letting her face cool down with a cold towel before putting anything on her face.

"For me this is very important, kasi iba yung kapit ng makeup ko every time I do this. I feel like it lasts longer," she said.

In the morning, Kathryn also massages her skin with ice globes, which can be substituted with actual ice.

"This one is good daw for debuffing. For example if I have morning shoots and kakagising ko lang, this is perfect because aalisin niya yung bloatedness sa face ko, especially sa cheeks area," Kath said.

Kathryn also likes to put on some blush first, especially the ones with the peachy tones which suits her morena skin pretty well.

"Usually I like yung medyo peachy tones for my blush-on because I'm a morena girl, and for me kapag morena, there's something about oranges or peach na shades na very bagay with that skin tone," she explained.

Kath also shared that she does not use too many layers of foundation on her face to achieve a more natural look.

"I feel like mas nakakahinga 'yung skin ko kapag less creams, less layers 'yung ginawa ko for my face," she said.

Sounds easy, right? You can watch the full 14-step makeup tutorial video by Kathryn herself here:



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