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5 of the best love advice we learned from Daniel Padilla

Kathryn is indeed one lucky woman to have a boyfriend like Daniel 💙

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/26/2021 in News
5 of the best love advice we learned from Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla has set quite a standard when it comes to being the best boyfriend of his generation. He is a gentleman, he treats his girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo with the utmost respect, and he thinks of their future as much as he values their present relationship.

And to celebrate his birthday, we compiled some of the best things we learned from the actor that made us admire him more as a partner to Kathryn:

1. Conflicts are essential to help relationships grow

During the press conference of their 2017 film "Can't Help Falling in Love," Daniel shared about how couples should deal with conflicts and how it can help both parties to grow in their relationship.

"Wala namang perpektong relasyon na hindi kayo nag-aaway. And parang kailangan mong pagdaanan ‘yun para mas makilala niyo pa ang isa’t isa lalo, para mas malaman niyo pa kung gaano niyo kamahal ang isa’t isa. And pagsubok ‘yan na kailangan muna lagpasan para lalo kayo mag-grow," he said.

2. Love is not always magical

Back in 2018, the time he and Kathryn confirmed they have been together for five years, Daniel shared how he always finds a reason to stay in their relationship. He said that it's about reminding yourself of the reasons why you loved them in the first place.

He said, "It doesn’t mean na kapag nawala na ‘yung kilig, hindi mo na mahal. Kailangan mo lang hanapin ‘yung mas malalim na rason kung bakit mo ba mahal ‘yung tao."



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3. Relationship is not a contest

Pride has no room in a relationship according to Daniel. You should not treat your partner as your enemy and learn the art of compromise.

"Tamang balanse lang. 'Yung pag-compromise ng isang relasyon. 'Yung pagbibigay ng oras, pagkakaintindihan, hindi pwedeng pataasan, hindi pwedeng pagalingan kayo. Dapat kayo ay nagtutulungan, dapat sabay kayong natututo. Hindi pwedeng paligsahan ang isang relasyon," he said during "The House Arrest of Us" media conference last January.

4. What's meant for you will always find a way

Kathryn asked Daniel during her Valentine's vlog if he regretted meeting her at a young age. He then immediately answered no, and explained that he is actually lucky to have found true love when he was young.

Daniel then said that no matter how young or old you are, if that love is meant for you, it will come at the right time.

"Wala namang hinanhanap na oras ang pagmamahal, 'di ba? Pagka para sa'yo, para sa'yo kahit maaga man o late," he enthused.

5. Marry when both of you are ready

Kathryn and Daniel are often hounded with marriage questions since they are now at the marrying age. But Daniel made clear that marriage isn't something you should rush into.

"Hindi biro ang pagpasok sa isang marriage. Dapat buong-buo ka, dapat personal na handa ka, at hindi na lang sa inyo iikot ang mundo. Kasama na ang pamilya niyo," he said during the media conference of "The House Arrest of Us."

He continued, "Hindi basta-basta ang marriage kasi kapag hindi mo kayang ibigay yun, 'wag na muna kasi hindi pa handa. Pero para sa akin kapag kami kinasal na sa tamang panahon, ibig sabihin handa na ako ibigay sa kanya habang buhay lahat."

You really are the man, Daniel! Happy birthday, DJ!

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