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Raymond Bagatsing recovers from COVID-19

Raymond also shared his two-week battle with COVID-19

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/23/2021 in News
Raymond Bagatsing recovers from COVID-19

Raymond Bagatsing revealed that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and is now fully recovered.

The "Quezon's Game" actor shared the news on Instagram yesterday, April 22. In separate posts, Raymond shared copies of his COVID-19 results — first, when he tested positive last April 8, and second, when he tested negative last April 21.



"Got my Negative result. Thank you all for your well wishes and concern. I am touched and privileged to be connected with you all, even through social media. I am truly grateful for your love and friendship," he wrote in the caption.

Raymond also detailed his COVID-19 journey saying that he didn't feel any symptoms at all, apart from the wheezing on his lungs.

"I asked Doctor how accurate is the Swab, because I feel alright. She said, it’ll just be the same result if I get another. So I trusted the process and did 2 weeks quarantine. Doctor advised, since, I am Asymptomatic, to be healthy and get my lungs stronger," he said.

The award-winning actor then gave some advice to people who are experiencing the same "to overcome the mind’s anxiety and fears."

"Moral of the story: from my experience, the psychological challenges far outweighs the virus itself or the result. Try to overcome the mind’s anxiety and fears. Know that it’s just a natural reaction, but not the entire truth. Our minds are so powerful that it can manifest anything if it truly believes. More so if it’s a misdiagnosis."

"Mind’s fear and negative reactions can make everything worse or better. It is a challenge, but one worth understanding. You are far more than the mind dictates," he added.

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