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Kris Aquino gets honest about James Yap in tell-all interview with Bimby

"I honestly thought it would work, not realizing he was too young."

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/23/2021 in News
Kris Aquino gets honest about James Yap in tell-all interview with Bimby

Kris Aquino did not hold back in answering questions about her love life in a tell-all interview with her son Bimby Aquino-Yap.

The interview, said Kris, was part of the "last hurrah" before the family steps into a more private life.

Not wasting time, Bimby immediately asked Kris a tough question about his dad, professional basketball player James Yap.

"What did you think when you married my dad," said a very curious Bimby.

Kris and James were married in a civil wedding in 2005, and welcomed Bimby just two years after.

"Honestly, I just took the jump, as in leap of faith," said Kris, admitting that she may have had hang-ups at that time from her previous serious relationships.

Before James, the Queen of All Media had a relationship with action star Philip Salvador, with whom she had her son, Josh.

Kris also had a relationship with Joey Marquez which ended in a public breakup, with her announcing she had been infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

"The dad of your Kuya was not yet annulled, and the next one was also not annulled," Kris shared.

"What made your dad special, initially he trusted me by telling me something that he didn’t have to tell me," Kris added.

She said she was impressed that James had the balls to tell her that thing instead of her finding it out from the tabloids.

Kris refused to say what James had said but told Bimby that her ex-husband told her that she was her "childhood crush."

"So never go out with someone who tells you, ikaw ‘yung childhood crush!" Kris added, saying that it should have been her warning in the very first place.

The actress believes that their age gap played a big role in their separation since James was 11 years younger than her.

"I honestly thought it could work, not realizing he was too young. We really came from two very different worlds. I wanted it to work," she said.

Despite this, Kris said she has let go of all the bad feelings she had about their relationship.

"I've learned to look at the glass being half-full, but because of you, the glass is not half-full. The glass is overflowing," Kris told Bimby.

Kris and James' marriage was annulled in 2012.

Kris went on to date actor and former Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista while James married Italian Michela Cazzola.

Bimby went on to ask Kris if she was satisfied with her relationship with Herbert, to which the actress replied a resounding "no."

"I had happy times but he has never been married so I think it would never work," Kris said of her most recent ex-boyfriend.

Kris believes in order for a relationship to work, both parties must have the same experiences in the past.

"What I appreciate was he did try to make an effort to make a conversation with you," Kris told Bimby.

Bimby in turn admitted that Herbert got his approval because the actor-politician knew his boundaries and never tried to be his dad.

"Maybe it didn't end the way it should but at least it ended," said Kris, adding that it was "an intellectual ending" to their relationship without any bitterness.

Bimby then asked his mom if she is open to marry again in the future but Kris fired back with a question of her own.

"Are you going to allow me?" asked Kris.

Bimby said yes but only "as long as he doesn't try to steal from you; as long as he doesn't, like, yell or hit you."

"I'll stab him in the neck if he does," Bimby laughingly added.

To end the interview, Bimby asked her mom about how she defines love, especially now that she has gone through a lot in life.

"I learned that love is easy. Love is effortless. It's wrong to say it's a sacrifice. When you love someone, it shouldn't feel like you're sacrificing," Kris said.

"It's being able to put someone's needs above your own," she added, making the love of her mom and dad as an example.

"Ayan perfect na 'yan, mama! Ganda nun, mama!" Bimby applauded her mom.

Watch the full video here:



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