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Julia Barretto tries street food as 'special guest' in Gerald Anderson's vlog

"I think wala ako ritong nagustuhan."

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Star Cinema Admin

4/22/2021 in News
Julia Barretto tries street food as 'special guest' in Gerald Anderson's vlog

Yes, Julia Barretto did it. She ate chicken intestine (isaw), chicken gizzard (balunbalunan), and quail eggs (kwek-kwek) all in the name of love.

In the latest vlog of Gerald Anderson posted Wednesday, April 21, Julia took the challenge of eating street food she has never tried before.

As the vlog's "very special guest," Julia also tried eating papaya, singkamas, manggang hilaw, suman, binatog, and dinuguan.

"Never kang kumain nito?" Gerald asked his girlfriend.

"Never ever. Only for you," Julia replied.

Julia cringed a little bit before eating isaw as Gerald explained how dirt is removed from the insides of the chicken intestine.

After trying the food, Julia said the isaw tasted like barbecue but she wasn't able to finish the whole stick.

Julia fared well trying the rest of the street food but almost didn't make it with dinuguan, a Filipino dish made with pig's blood.

"Masarap 'yan!" Gerald said, cheering Julia.

"I think wala ako ritong nagustuhan," Julia said, holding a plate of isaw, kwek-kwek, and balunbalunan.

In between eating street food, Gerald asked Julia different questions to spice up the vlog.

Asked about her five or 10-year plan, Julia said she plans to have a quiet family life.

"Saan doon, sa five o sa 10?" Gerald asked.

"Next year," Julia said in jest.

Julia, daughter of celebrities Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla, grew up knowing only the life in show business.

But Julia said she wouldn't mind leaving the showbiz world if it means having a quiet family life.

"I've always dreamed of living a simple, quiet life family-wise," Julia said.

Because of the age gap and the way they got together, Julia and Gerald's relationship has been nothing short of controversial.

Rumors of romance between the two sparked after both of them broke up from their partners in 2019.

Watch the full video here:



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