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Dani Barretto shares long, painful postpartum journey

Dani also gave a shout-out to other moms, calling each of them a "superwoman"

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Star Cinema Admin

4/21/2021 in News
Dani Barretto shares long, painful postpartum journey

Vlogger Dani Barretto admitted that she has been dealing with postpartum depression for a while.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, April 17, Dani posted a photo of herself two months into postpartum compared to a photo of herself now.

"Two months postpartum and now. This was a loooooong and painful journey and I’m not done yet," Dani said.

The elder sister of Julia Baretto said she felt insecure with her body after giving birth to her first baby, Camilla Marguerite, in 2019.

"You have no idea how many times I cried in front of the mirror because my clothes don’t fit me anymore, or how hideous I thought I looked," Dani said.

Postpartum depression is common among mothers after giving birth. Some postpartum last for a few months, while some last way longer.

Dani shared an instance when she was dealing with the downs of postpartum and she heard her baby laugh.

"I remembered what matters the most. All my insecurities just faded away. The weight I can lose, Millie needs a healthy momma, physically and mentally," Dani said.

Having dealt with postpartum herself, Dani gave a shoutout to all the other mothers who are struggling with the same condition.

"So to all the moms out there who're going through the same thing, you are enough," Dani said.

"You birthed a beautiful baby in this world, you’re a superwoman! Never forget how strong you are. Keep going and never give up," she added.



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