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KaladKaren gives update on wedding with fiancé Luke Wrightson

KaladKaren answers if she’s leaving showbiz career and moving to UK after wedding to fiancé Luke Wrightson

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/19/2021 in News
KaladKaren gives update on wedding with fiancé Luke Wrightson

KaladKaren is loving all the time she’s spending with her fiancé Luke Wrightson in his hometown in the United Kingdom.

Luke works as a seaman abroad, but whenever he’s off work, he would fly to Manila and stay with KaladKaren, whom he lovingly calls by her real name Jervi.

She was only supposed to stay in the U.K. for the holidays last year, but was forced to stay longer because of the travel restrictions due to the pandemic. Now they’re taking this time together enjoying what other couples do in quarantine.

In conversation with Toni Gonzaga on “I Feel U” last Sunday, April 18, Luke shared, “I’ve spent five months at work recently, which is longer than what I normally would do. So to just come back and just do normal things together, like cooking. When I went back in the U.K. as well, I live on a seaside town, it’s beautiful to walk on the beach and in the woods, which I missed a lot from being in the Philippines and in the city. That gives us time to talk and spend quality time together. At home, we do what everyone else does. Netflix, food, you know.”

Luke and KaladKaren got engaged last September, but they’ve decided to their postpone their wedding until it’s safer for their family to attend.

“So far naman ang napag-usapan namin, because of travel restrictions, baka next year pa ang wedding namin, because we really want to get married here in the U.K. Kasi ‘yung mga family ko, siyempre gustong magpunta dito para sa kasal namin,” she said.

Although, the “I Can See Your Voice” SING-vestigator revealed that they have already chosen a venue for the event. “Nagsa-scout na kami ng venue. Meron kaming nakita malapit dito sa hometown nila. Ang ganda ng venue. Ang lakas maka-Disney Princess. Old hotel siya, tapos ang view niya, bay. So nasa may cliff siya, so kitang-kita mo ‘yung magandang view habang nagwa-walk ka sa aisle, ganern.”

It would be the perfect setting to celebrate their love that has only grown and gotten more beautiful over the years.

Luke explained, “Me and Jervi have been together for more than eight years. You don’t stay together that long if you don’t deeply care about them. So for me, you know, you’re always there when we need each other. You know, it’s not a one-way thing. I think over the years, our relationship’s gotten stronger. We’re more comfortable with each other.”

When asked if there was ever a moment that told him that KaladKaren was the one, he answered, “No moment. It’s something that’s built. I think if it’s when someone says where there’s thing, ‘Oh, I’ve set eyes on them. It was love at first sight. We want to get married.’ There’s no sustainance to that, we’ve spend more than eight years together building a relationship, building trust. It’s work. Any relationship’s work.”

Then looking at his partner, he added, “I know I can always rely on you and I know that I will do anything to help you that I can.”

The two have been discussing where to settle after getting married and KaladKaren said she worries what she would be left to do if she abandons her showbiz career in the Philippines and moves permanently to the U.K.

“Napag-uusapan naman namin ‘yun. Kasi sabi ko, ano na magiging trabaho ko pagpunta ko ng U.K.? Sabi naman niya, ‘If you want still o continue your career in the Philippines, we could still work it out. So pwedeng nasa Pilipinas kami, tapos magbabakasyon kami sa England,” said KaladKaren. “Pero if given the chance, ako kasi naniniwala ako na maganda rin tumira dito sa U.K. because of the legalities being in a same-sex relationship, ‘yung legalities ng kasal, and everything. Tanggap ko naman na wala pang ganun sa Pilipinas at naiintindihan ko ‘yun,”

“But what I’m trying to say if one day, we decide to move here, I’m ready naman to give up everything. I’m ready naman to compromise. Kasi we have to sacrifice, eh. We cannot have everything that we want. At one point, kailangan natin mag-decide which is our priority, ano ba talaga ‘yung gusto natin sa buhay natin. Is it love or career? You can have both, pero mas maganda ‘yung meron kang mas priority,” she continued.

And Luke quipped, “I can retire. I’ll be a househusband, that’s fine by me.”

Watch their interview here:

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