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How the ‘He’s Into Her’ cast nailed their auditions

These “He’s Into Her” audition stories will surely hype you up for the series!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/19/2021 in News
How the ‘He’s Into Her’ cast nailed their auditions

Feel that buzz in the air? That’s our excitment over “He’s Into Her” that only keeps getting more and more intense as its premiere gets closer!

We just can’t wait how the best-selling Precious Pages-LIB novel would play out in live-action and see the performances of its cast, especially after learning how they aced their auditions straight from Star Cinema Creative Director Vanessa Valdez!

Last week, Ms. Vanessa shared some VERY juicy moments that went on when the lead stars, including Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan, first tried out for the series. And over this past weekend, she let us in on how the rest of the cast landed their roles.

It was revealed that Vivoree initially went after the role of Naih that ultimately was given to Criza Taa. But the creative team liked Vivoree so much that they decided to cast her as Ysay!

When Ashley Del Mundo came in, she was craving for two things: the role of Elle or Kim and food. Ms. Vanessa said that the former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate was starving when she got to the auditions, but managed to pull off a successful performance anyway. At the end, Ashley got two things from it: the role of Khloe and a donut offered to her, which was and is just as sweet as her!

The role of the “sophisticated and alpha-female” Kim went to Dalia Varde, whose “warmth and friendliness” was nowhere near her character’s “cattiness.”

Meanwhile, the role of Elle was given to Melizza Jimenez after Ms. Vanessa saw in her “a sign of self-awareness and an innate sense of decency”, just like her character’s.

In his audition, Gello Marquez used to power of his charms and it won him the role of Lorde!

Ms. Vanessa didn’t meet Limer Veloso, who’s playing Migz, until the cast reveal. But director Chad Vidanes thought he could play the part and she understood why after watching his performance à la American actor Nathan Lane in his audition tape months later.

Also starring Kaori Oinuma, Rhys Miguel, Jeremiah Lisbo, and Joao Constancia, “He’s Into Her” will drop on iWantTFC this May!

Watch the teaser here:

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