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All the times Xian Lim prepared the sweetest surprises for Kim Chiu

Here's every single time Xian made Kim feel like the most beautiful woman in the world ❤

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/19/2021 in News
All the times Xian Lim prepared the sweetest surprises for Kim Chiu

You don't have to be a queen for you to be treated like one, and Kim Chiu is the living proof of that.

Over the years, Kim has been treated like the most precious woman by her reel-and-real life partner Xian Lim. He never fails to make her feel special even in the most mundane moments, and perhaps this is one of the secrets to their lasting relationship.

And to celebrate Kim's birthday, we're putting the spotlight to all the times Xian made her feel like a queen:

Xian surprised Kim on the set of "My Binondo Girl"

Remember when Xian serenaded Kim on the set of the teleserye? During that time, the two weren't together yet but Xian said that he did it because he wanted "to make her feel special".

Xian's "Will you be my date?" surprise

In 2014, Xian shook the online world with his grand Star Magic Ball proposal for Kim as he surprised her with a giant "Will you be my date?" banner as well as a bouquet of flowers. This has even set the standard for some of the proposals back then!

Xian's birthday surprise for Kim in the U.S.

Kim and Xian were in New York for the taping of "The Story Of Us" when Kim celebrated her 26th birthday. Xian then surprised the actress with a bouquet and cake while on the set of the series.

Xian's Star Magic Ball surprise

They say love is sweeter the second time around — and the same goes for ball proposals! Xian asked Kim again to be his date for the 2016 Star Magic Ball with matching "Will You Be My Date?" banner and bouquet of flowers.

Xian surprising Kim just because

It doesn't need to be a special occasion just for Xian to surprise his girlfriend. Sometimes, he just pops up in front of Kim's house when he feels like surprising her! Ikaw na talaga, Kim!

Xian surprises Kim with a life-sized bouquet

Just when we thought Xian has already given the sweetest surprises for Kim in the past, he outdid himself yet again with his Valentine's surprise for the actress in 2020.

All eyes were on Kim when she received a life-sized bouquet from Xian on the set of "Love Thy Woman".

Xian's surprise Palawan trip for Valentine's 2021

Just recently, the couple made headlines when Xian surprised Kim with an out of town trip to Palawan, where he even rented a private plane for their trip.

Which of Xian's surprises are the most memorable for you? Share it with us in the comments!

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