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Stay cool (and safe) this summer by stocking up on these 5 essentials

Make sure you have these essentials with you at all times!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/16/2021 in News
Stay cool (and safe) this summer by stocking up on these 5 essentials

Summer is officially here, and there's nothing more annoying than being unprepared in the sweltering heat.

And while it's best to stay at home these days, there are times you need to go out for personal matters. We made an essentials checklist that you can tick to keep you both cool and safe this summer:

1. Sunscreen

UV rays can be very harmful to our skin, so it's best to put on some sunscreen before going out. According to research, your sunscreen should have an SPF of 30 or higher, which is the minimum protection needed against sunburn and skin cancer.

2. Face mask

Nowadays, face masks are already mandatory before going out. It's also recommended to change your face mask every time you take it off to eat or drink, so make sure you always bring an extra that is stored in a clean protective case.

Always dispose of your face masks properly by putting it in a plastic before throwing it in the trash bin.

3. Water bottle

The heat outside can be very dehydrating so it's highly recommended to bring a personal water bottle to hydrate yourself whenever you're outside.

If you like drinking your water cold, several water bottles are now made with double-wall vacuum insulation to preserve the coldness of your drink!

4. Alcohol

Yet another must-have, alcohol keeps your hands sanitized from germs and bacteria upon holding items. Make it a habit to sanitize your hands regularly to prevent catching any sickness and virus.

5. Vitamins

Last but not the least, always drink your vitamins! There are a wide variety of over-the-counter vitamins and supplements you can take to boost your immune system against viruses whenever going out.

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