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PHOTOS: Atasha Muhlach is a stunner in first solo magazine cover

Aga is a proud dad to Atasha!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/16/2021 in News
PHOTOS: Atasha Muhlach is a stunner in first solo magazine cover

Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez's daughter Atasha is Metro.Style's cover girl for their latest issue.

The 19-year-old wowed everyone in her stunning photoshoot with the local magazine where she talked about figuring out her life, enjoying independence, and taking everything one step at a time.

"I'm very grateful for the opportunities that come by and I'm just excited to see where life will take me. As of right now, I'm just taking things day by day," she said in the feature.



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Wearing creations by Mark Bumgarner, Sasa Jimenez, Patty Ang, and Debbie Co, Atasha effortlessly slayed the shoot and her parents couldn't be more proud.

In a lengthy Instagram post today, April 16, Aga penned a message for his daughter who "surprised" him with her magazine cover.

He began, "Let me first just say how proud and happy I am of you and for you my dearest @atashamuhlach_ ❤️ From the day you were born til present, I would question myself countless times if i did the right thing in raising you as a father."



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"Seeing you on the cover of Metro magazine just made my heart so tender. Atasha, you did this on your own and you know in your heart that I would always (well I’d like to believe that) make you decide on your own."

"My happiness is whatever and anything that’ll make you happy and you know that. I got your back my little one! Alam mo yan! ❤️🙌🏼 continue to be you! You’re perfect that way. My beach partner forever!" he added.

The "Seven Sundays" actor also thanked the people behind his daughter's first magazine cover, as well as his wife Charlene for being the amazing mom that she is.

Aga ended his post with a message for Atasha saying, "You really surprised me with this! Grabe ka! Haha! Continue to live your dreams! Appreciate the good and the bad. Always be kind. Always be of help to anyone who needs it. God is with you. Shine my little one! Cheers! Love you, Tash!"

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