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Sunshine Cruz shares her COVID-19 experience, tells followers to take pandemic seriously

Sunshine Cruz admits she didn’t think COVID-19 wouldn't hit her as hard, but she thought wrong

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/15/2021 in News
Sunshine Cruz shares her COVID-19 experience, tells followers to take pandemic seriously

When Sunshine Cruz tested positive for COVID-19, she thought that she would be spared from its dreadful symptoms. But not long after, the virus hit her harder than she ever imagined. 

The actress shared her experience through an Instagram post last Wednesday, April 14, as a precautionary tale for those who are still not believing just how serious this disease could affect one’s body and mental health. 

She started her post with the quote: “He won’t make us face anything that He knows we cannot get ourselves through.. Making us definitely stronger,” before telling about her COVID journey starting from the day she got her test results back and she turned out to be positive. 



“Unfortunately, I was exposed and tested COVID positive last March 27. When I got my RT-PCR result, I went through a denial stage. It took a while for reality to sink in, I thought I would be asymptomatic and would probably just isolate myself for 14 days to make sure that the people at home will be safe as well. But here I am still isolated with symptoms after already taking different kinds of strong antibiotics and medicines,” Sunshine wrote. 

At the time of posting, she was still isolated in her room, away from her daughters and house helpers. 

“It’s my 20th day of isolation and as instructed by my doctor, I still can’t leave my room not unless my symptoms are gone.” She continued, “I have three kids and our kasambahays that I have to also protect from myself.” 

Then she went on to tell her followers how COVID-19 differs from any other illness she’s ever had in her life, but she’s thankful that she got past the worst of her symptoms. 

“To everyone, COVID is real! In my 43 years of existence, I’ve had fever, the flu, and coughs, but COVID symptoms can’t be compared to what I’ve experienced before. I am still grateful and blessed that the worst is over,” said Sunshine. 

She added, “I will be taking a swab test tomorrow and I am hoping, praying for a negative result. I am positive that I will test negative! Claiming it! Stay safe everyone, wear your masks, face shields and keep your distance, let us all do our part in being a solution to this very difficult pandemic we are facing. God bless us all!” 

Sunshine’s “Bagong Umaga” co-stars Nikki Valdez and Heaven Peralejo also contracted the virus, but both have already recovered. 

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