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LOOK: Dimples Romana begins fitness journey

Dimples Romana tries her hand at "group exercise" with the help of a fitness instructor

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/15/2021 in News
LOOK: Dimples Romana begins fitness journey

Dimples Romana has finally begun her road to fitness by joining a group exercise session.

In her vlog that premiered last Monday, April 5, the "Kadenang Ginto" star said it took her a while to start a group exercise because she is usually shy.

But Dimples said events in the past year made her realize that we all should live our life to the fullest and take care of our health.

"Since 2021 is telling us that we should live our life to the fullest, and make sure that we are healthy, that we boost our immune system and also we build up our resistance, especially maraming sakit ngayon, I'm going to dive in," she said.

Dimples said her goal is not just to lose weight but also to achieve balance in life and release more happy hormones.

For the initial phase of her fitness goals, Dimples invited a fitness instructor, who is also a close friend, Eds Sobrevinas

The fitness guru said group exercise is perfect for families, especially now we are asked to stay at home.

"Ang maganda kasi sa group exercise, it's good for beginners, it's driven by music so nakaka-motivate siya. Hindi mo nararamdaman yung pagod," he said.

“Mas masaya talaga when you’re working out with your friends or your family. It’s nice because then you can make sure that everybody is strong," Dimples added.

"As you know the strength of one person can tell kung gaano rin ka strong ang buong pamilya niyo dahil pag may isang nagkasakit hawa-hawa yan,” she added.

At the start of the workout, Dimples and her friends did some warmup and drills, which the actress thought was the workout proper itself.

"Akala ko tapos na tayo, hindi pa pala!" Dimples laughingly said.

The actress eventually made her way through the workout as she began her road to fitness.

"Hopefully hindi makita ni Sir Eds kung gaano karaming chicken ang kakainin ko," Dimples said in jest, as she encouraged her fans to do some workout at home.

She also urged everyone to maintain, sustain, and create new habits that are good for their health.

Watch the full video here:



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