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'It was a loooong labor': Rachelle Ann Go shares birthing experience with son Lukas

Rachelle recalled the "weird" thing she did while having contractions

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/14/2021 in News
'It was a loooong labor': Rachelle Ann Go shares birthing experience with son Lukas

Two weeks since Rachelle Ann Go gave birth to son Lukas, the Broadway Star recalled her "amazing" birthing experience on Instagram.

Sharing a photo of her wearing sunnies before giving birth, Rachelle detailed how it took her 18 minutes to push her son out when the midwife gave her an ultimatum before going for an emergency cesarean delivery.

"My midwife said she’ll give me an hour to push. If not, the doctors will have to examine me again and might do emergency CS. I said 'NO! I will do it in 15-20 mins!'. It took me 18mins to push Lukas out! 😅 Praise God! Tinodo ko na talaga ang pag-push 🤣" she narrated.



Rachelle Ann said that her husband Martin Spies even assisted the midwife during her delivery.

She also found saying "yes" to each contraction helped her during her labor, as well as singing worship songs.

"I cannot believe we did it! We kept praying for a miracle. It was a loooong labor... I was progressing really slowly but I was actually enjoying the contractions! LOL. Weird...But yeah I found myself saying YES to each contraction 😅"

"The Holy Spirit just filled the room! We were praying and singing worship songs... Our first midwife started singing with us!" she said.

Nonetheless, Rachelle Ann surpassed all the struggles with the grace of God.

"I had such an amazing birthing experience! I was so scared of giving birth before but after going through it, I realized God made it possible for us to do this! My big take away is FAITH over fear. God will meet us at the level of our faith🙏🏽" she said.



The singer also thanked everyone who prayed with them, as well as the fellow Filipinos who took care of her after giving birth.

She ended her post by sending some encouraging words to fellow women who are about to experience the same.

"To all the mamas out there who are about to go through this journey, I believe in you! You can do it💪🏽" she wrote.

Rachelle and Martin welcomed their son Lukas Judah last March 26.

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