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8 celebrities we want to venture into vlogging

Daniel, Nadine, Anne, Ellen + more celebs we want to see on Youtube!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/13/2021 in News
8 celebrities we want to venture into vlogging

More and more celebrities are joining the vlogging world!

And while they always keep us up to date through their social media accounts, nothing beats seeing and knowing them up close through personal videos.

Here, we listed down some of the celebs who still haven't ventured into Youtube and we're sincerely hoping do so soon:

1. Nadine Lustre

Nadine's known for her fashion and aesthetic on Instagram, and we wonder what the vibe of her vlogs would be like once she makes one. We'd also love to see perhaps a room or condo tour, or some styling tips straight from her!

2. Daniel Padilla

We see Daniel on his girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo's channel from time to time when she does travel vlogs, but seeing things from his perspective is definitely something we would love to watch.

3. Anne Curtis

With her massive following both on Twitter and Instagram, we're pretty sure that everyone is all eyes on Anne's life. We now see her as a full-time mom to Baby Dahlia most of the time, and we'd love to witness more of it in full-length vlogs!

4. Paulo Avelino

Paulo is rarely active on social media, and his mysterious personality makes us all curious about his life even more. Apart from love for online games, we'd want to know more about his other hobbies and passion.

5. Angelica Panganiban

One thing we're sure of when Angelica ventures into vlogging is that it would be a wild and exciting ride. With her bubbly personality and no-fail humor, we can only expect good vibes (and maybe some hugot and love advice) from Angelica's vlogs.

6. Coco Martin

We know Coco as Cardo from "Ang Probinsyano", but who is actually Coco beyond his role on camera? That's exactly what we'd like to know more from the actor if he ever does vlog.

7. Ellen Adarna

Ellen often holds Q&A sessions on her Instagram Stories where she answers love advice from netizens. We love how honest and straightforward she is every time, and we'd honestly not complain if she makes a 20 or even 30-minute vlog just solely for it!

8. Julia Montes

We often only see Julia through her vlog guestings on Dimples Romana and her husband's Youtube channel. And if ever she plans on making one in the future, we'd love to see and learn more about her cooking and recipes, as well as the things she's been up to in life.

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