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LOOK: Bea Alonzo takes us inside her pantry and fridge

Bea Lonzo IS BIG on labels.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/13/2021 in News
LOOK: Bea Alonzo takes us inside her pantry and fridge

Bea Alonzo sure knows how to organize her stuff.

In her vlog that premiered on Saturday, April 10, Bea showed everyone what's inside her pantry and fridge, and how she organizes them.

"Contrary to what my mom said last week na burara daw ako at hindi raw ako mahilig mag-ayos ng bahay... I beg to disagree because if you have watched my house tour videos, you'll know na I am big on labels," she said.

Bea said that since the pandemic lockdown has dragged onto another year she found a lot of time to clean up and organize her house.

She said organizing her home is one of her ways to deal with the stress and protecting her mental health.

"I feel like whenever I am organizing my home, I am able to compartmentalize my feelings and deal with them one day at a time. It is also my way of protecting my mental health which is important especially now that we are dealing with so many things in life," she said.

Bea's pantry is full of different kinds of food and kitchen needs but all of them were organized in glass containers and baskets.

All the spices she needs for cooking are also in a separate spice rack in the kitchen, all properly labelled, for easier access.

She said glass containers for dried food, pasta, grains, beans, and other kitchen staples are good, earth-friendly, long-term investments.

The "Four Sisters and a Wedding" star made sure all of her containers and baskets are properly labelled with their expiring dates.

"I hate it kapag hinahanap ko yung expiration date lalo na kapag nagmamadali ka so I make sure I label them," she said, adding that knowing the expiration dates of your food helps avoid spoilage.

Bea also puts all the contents of her fridge and freezer inside glass containers for easy access.

Check out the whole tour here:



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