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Kris Aquino to lessen social media posts to protect Josh and Bimby

Kris also vowed to give the best life to her kids

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Star Cinema Admin

4/12/2021 in News
Kris Aquino to lessen social media posts to protect Josh and Bimby

A rather calm and optimistic Kris Aquino faced the public on April 9 to take responsibility for all the comments and issues thrown at her sons.

In a 21-minute video she posted across her accounts, the Queen of All Media admitted that she is "partly to blame" why Joshua and Bimby have been subject to scrutiny on social media.

"I'm partly to blame kung nadamay man mga anak ko. I'm taking full responsibility. I can never shield them fully because from the time they were born, I was already Kris but I can choose what I can show you," she said.



A post shared by KRIS AQUINO (@krisaquino)




A post shared by KRIS AQUINO (@krisaquino)


While admitting that they are not "regular people," Kris said that she has been observing what "regular people" do on social media and will now be posting like them — sharing only the celebrations and the likes.

“They post birthdays. They post trips. They post ‘pag nag-graduate ang mga anak. They post milestone moments. So that's the decision I made - 'yun ang ipapakita ko sa inyo. The regular things that regular people show people dahil lahat ng magulang 'yun ang ginagawa."

"You will still see them dun sa mga events na mga regular na tao. ‘Yun ang mga nilalabas nila e so nire-review ko. They will have enough privacy. But you cannot see them as often as you used to,” she said.

Kris also pointed out that she is doing what's best for her panganay Josh, since she vowed to her late mother, former President Corazon Aquino, that she will make his life comfortable.

“He will need life-long care. He needs to be assured because I promised that to my mom na gagawin ko lahat to make sure he will be comfortable for as long as he will live and that will take a lot of money. And pag-iipunan ko 'yan,” she said.

For Bimby, Kris said that she will be supportive of him no matter what his choice in life will be.

“I told him that it’s your choice what you wanna do with your life. I will support you and I will love you. Hindi natin kasalanan ‘yung magiging opinion nila about you. What’s important is you know who you are and you’re not gonna be like them. I’m proud of that. I brought up a son who’s brave,” she enthused.

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