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10 Pinay celebrities and the meaning behind their names

You'd be surprised about the origin of the names of these Kapamilya actresses!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/11/2021 in News
10 Pinay celebrities and the meaning behind their names

As fans, we probably know these actresses' stage or real names by heart, but do you know the meaning behind their beautiful and unique names?

We know you're curious just like us, so we listed the possible origins and meanings of their names— and they're surprisingly accurate for their personalities! Check them out:

1. Kathryn Chandria Bernardo



Kathryn could be based on the Greek word “katharos” which means "pure", while Chandria means "moon shining" in Hindi.

2. Hope Elizabeth "Liza" Soberano



Elizabeth is Hebrew which means "God Is My Oath".

3. Nadine Alexis Lustre



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Nadine is of French origin which means "Hope," while Alexis is of Russian origin meaning "Defender Of The People".

4. Julia Francesca Barretto



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Originating from Latin, Francesca means "Free" or the "Free One".

5. Celestine "Toni" Gonzaga



Celestine is a French name that is based on the Latin word "Caelestis" which means "heavenly."

6. Sarah Asher Geronimo



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Asher is derived from the Hebrew word "Osher" which means "fortunate, blessed, and happy one."

7. Mariam "Ivana" Al-Alawi



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Mariam is a Quranic name that means "virtuous, pious, devoted, and God-fearing."

8. Belinda "Belle" Mariano



Belinda has a Spanish origin which means "pretty one or serpent".

9. Anndrew Blythe "Andrea" Brillantes



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Blythe came from the Old English bible that means "joyous, kind, cheerful, and pleasant".

10. Ramona "Arci" Munoz



Ramona is the feminine form of Spanish name Ramon, which means "protecting hands".





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