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5 selfless characters we admire in film

We aspire to be more mindful about others' feelings as these movie characters

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/1/2021 in News
5 selfless characters we admire in film

We all love a good redemption story, but there's something about characters who have nothing but kindess and selflessness to offer from start to finish.

Just take these Star Cinema movie characters for instance, who are so selfless that we can only wish they get what's best for them. From sacrificing for their families to giving way for their loved ones, these characters deserve more than what the world has to offer:

1. Joy of "Hello, Love, Goodbye"

At a young age, Joy (Kathryn Bernardo) became the breadwinner of their family and worked as an OFW in Hong Kong. She has been deprived of so many things for taking on all the burden of her family — her youth, love, and ironically even joy, in spite of her name.

2. Amanda of "Dekada '70"

Being a mother, wife, and a woman in an era where dictatorship and patriarchy prevails is what Amanda (Vilma Santos) represented in the iconic 2002 film. The way she stayed strong for herself and for her family proved that there's nothing a mother cannot endure.

3. Vince of "Vince and Kath and James"

With his "talent" for writing the sweetest things, Vince (Joshua Garcia) had to secretly woo Kath (Julia Barretto), the girl his cousin James (Ronnie Alonte) likes. However, Vince fell in love with her in the process of doing it, that he had to "sacrifice" his own feelings to make way for his cousin.

4. Jaica of "Everything About Her"

It's not easy to be a nurse, much more if you're hired to be the private nurse of an extremely finicky bosses. That's exactly what happened to Jaica (Angel Locsin), who had to experience the worst treatment from Vivian (Vilma Santos) in the most inhumane ways you can imagine.

But it was because of her selflessness that Vivian had the chance to reconnect and reconcile with her estranged son, making her the unsung hero of the two.

5. Kiko of "Crazy Beautiful You"

Kiko (Daniel Padilla) might be the jolliest person you will meet, but his tough and bubbly nature is only an effort to conceal his true feelings. Coming from a prominent family where he is treated as a nobody, Kiko still values them above everything, even if it means being kept in the shadows.

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