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8 leading ladies that Gerald Anderson has worked with

Bea, Sarah, Julia + more of the gorgeous ladies who have been paired with Gerald on the big screen

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/5/2021 in News
8 leading ladies that Gerald Anderson has worked with

We're not going to lie: Gerald Anderson is a charmer on-and-off camera.

There's definitely something about him that is irresistible, and he remains to be an in-demand leading man today. In fact, he has worked with several actresses throughout his career and yes, he actually has chemistry with every single one of them.

In celebration of the actor's birthday today, March 7, here's a list of all the actresses he has been paired with on the big screen:

1. Kim Chiu

From being a love team on "Pinoy Big Brother" Teen Edition 1 to an official team-up on real life, Gerald and Kim have worked on numerous big-screen projects, including "First Day High," "I've Fallen For You," "Paano Na Kaya," and "Till My Heartaches End."

2. Sarah Geronimo

Gerald worked with Sarah in the 2011 rom-com "Won't Last a Day Without You." In the movie, Sarah played a radio DJ who advises a caller to break up with her boyfriend. Turns out, that boyfriend was Gerald who threatens to sue her for what happened.

The DJ then promises to help him win her back, but it was actually them who fall in love in the process.

3. Julia Montes

Gerald and Julia were paired for the 2015 romantic-horror film "Halik Sa Hangin." The film revolves around Mia (Julia) who meets a mysterious yet charming man named Gio (Gerald).

Mia finds herself being drawn closer to him, but she finds out that he's actually a dead man whose restless soul is still wandering. Will their undying love prevail or will they let go?

4. Liza Soberano

Yup, Gerald worked with Liza in the 2015 romance "Everyday I Love You." In the film, Gerald played the strict and controlling boyfriend of Liza who was comatose after suffering from a stroke.

5. Arci Munoz

Gerald and Arci have worked twice for film: the first was the Dan Villegas-helmed romance "Always Be My Maybe" in 2016. In 2017, they worked on their reunion project called "Can We Still Be Friends."

6. Bea Alonzo

Gerald and Bea teamed up for the 2016 romance movie "How To Be Yours." The film revolves around Niño (Gerald) and Anj (Bea) who are forced to reassess their relationship as they choose between fighting for their love or pushing with their respective careers.

7. Pia Wurtzbach

Gerald was Miss Universe 2015 Pia's first partner in her debut as a lead actress for a movie. They starred in the 2018 movie "My Perfect You" which centers on Burn (Gerald), who escapes his miserable life and meets Abi (Pia), the hostel owner of the campsite where he accidentally ended up in.

Will they find the perfect love in each other or will it just be another heartbreak for Burn?

8. Julia Barretto

Julia is Gerald's most recent big-screen leading lady for the Black Sheep movie "Between Maybes." Set in Saga, Japan, the movie revolves around two strangers from two opposite worlds who find comfort in each other.

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