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Gerald Anderson denies 'ghosting' Bea Alonzo

Gerald Anderson reveals reason that led to his breakup with Bea Alonzo

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Star Cinema Admin

3/5/2021 in News
Gerald Anderson denies 'ghosting' Bea Alonzo

Gerald Anderson kept mum amidst the controversry surrounding his breakup with Bea Alonzo. But in his tell-all interview with Boy Abunda today, March 5, he finally explained why.

The “Init sa Magdamag” star explained that he decided to stay quiet because he knows that no matter what he says, he would still get attacked by people. And he didn’t air out his side either because he didn’t want to hurt anyone else’s image just to save his.

“I will never throw someone under the bus para lang linisin ‘yung image ko. Lalo na po ‘yung tao na I’ve had intimate moments with. Lalo na po itong last, ang pangit. Ang lala,” said Gerald.

The actor was accused of two-timing and “ghosting” Bea, but he shared that what hurt him the most was the details of their relationship being publicized.

“Ang pinakamasakit pa is ‘yung what I’ve heard behind the cam. ‘Yung mga nakarating sa akin, ‘yung intimate moments namin. Bilang boyfriend-girlfriend. Parang, ‘Kailangan talaga umabot tayo sa ganito?’”

At one point, Gerald’s mom, Evangeline Opsima, even got involved and he was also angered by that. “Siyempre, nagalit ako sa nanay ko. Sabi ko, ‘Ma, no, no, no.’ At the end of the day, you don’t wanna go to that level.”

But Gerald saw it as something that already had gotten way out of hand and speaking out will just do further damage.

“The judgment has been passed. At that point nung pumutok, I’ve had my moments na parang, ‘Oh my God, what did I do?’ I tried to be a good person. Bakit? I’m not gonna say na wala akong mali. I know. Pero, kailangan umabot sa gano’n? Did we really have to take the social media path? Private ako na tao siguro kaya mas malaking shock sa akin,” he said.

Opening up about his breakup with Bea, Gerald said the details never left his mind. “I can remember that moment like kahapon lang siya nangyari. But I can’t. I don’t have the guts to put someone in a bad light.”

When asked if he did “ghost” Bea, Gerald answered, “Wala po akong ginhost.”

He explained, “Ganito lang po ‘yun. Ano po bang definition ng ghosting? Kasi ang dating sa akin, nasa gitna kami ng dinner and nag-decide ako mag-walk out kahit kailan? ‘Yun ba ang definition? Or is it walking away from very unhealthy, toxic… Not saying na siya ‘yun toxic, but being together, we were very toxic. And hindi nare-respeto ‘yung explanation na binibigay mo hindi tinatanggap. After months and months and months and months of being on the rocks at medyo away. ‘Yun lang bahala na po. Pero if ‘yun ‘yung ghosting, then I am one of those two.”

Gerald maintained that his relationship with Bea had a proper closure and they even had “too many conversation” about it.

He revealed that some people close to him encouraged him to speak up and defend himself at the height of the issue, but he opted not to. “I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror kapag nagkwento pa ko about my relationship at kung paano kami naghiwalay o ‘di naghiwalay. Parang no. No.”

In the same interview, Gerald finally admitted to dating his “Between Maybes” co-star Julia Barretto and announced that they're “very happy.”

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