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Solenn Heussaff pens apology letter after art exhibit announcement backlash

Solenn Heussaff takes down controversial art exhibit announcement, explains reason behind the photo

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/4/2021 in News
Solenn Heussaff pens apology letter after art exhibit announcement backlash

Solenn Heussaff is apologizing after getting accused of being tone-deaf and promoting “poverty porn” to sell her upcoming third solo art exhibit.

On Instagram last Wednesday, March 3, the actress announced that she will be sharing her artworks to the public with a photo of herself posing on a wooden chair with a painting and a rug she designed in the middle of a slum area.

Some netizens deemed Solenn’s post as insensitive and some even questioned her intentions for deciding on this backdrop.

Solenn defended herself and clarified that she only wanted it to serve as a reminder for everyone not to turn a blind eye to society’s current situation.

Then she posted a message on Facebook crying foul over people being so “quick to judge” and saying that she will share the story behind the photo “when people can see the complete exhibit.”

After giving the issue some more thought, Solenn followed up her post with an apology letter with a thorough explanation for her work.

She wrote:

“I’ve been thinking a lot about the comments you guys left on the photo I posted. I know it sparked some debate and there were both good and bad takes on it. While I appreciate the encouragement some shared, I also want to apologize to those I have hurt.

“I wanted to shoot it in a typical street, those we drive by every day. Streets full of life, since all my paintings are about the people we see. Not the rich or the poor but people for who they are. Humanity.

“The choice of painting was to show the environmental side. The abundance and balance of what life was, but also growth and hope. Though yes, art is subjective, and your thoughts made me more sensitive to different perspectives on my art and this really was a learning experience for me.

“It wasn't my intention to hurt or offend anyone. It was my hope that I could lend my voice and my art to show the reality of Filipinos. This is the heart and inspiration of all my paintings, both old and new. I did not want to romanticize the poverty of the everyday Pinoy or the resiliency that we naturally have. I really hoped to honor our people by being truthful about the kind of life a lot of Filipinos live today and to show that Filipinos deserve better.

“Thank you for letting this be an eye-opener for me as well. And to those that I have offended, I am sorry.”

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