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Pinoy movie and showbiz rivals who are actually friends in real life

The drama stays on screen.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/31/2021 in News
Pinoy movie and showbiz rivals who are actually friends in real life

It seems impossible to imagine showbiz without rivalries because celebrity “feuds” are like good boxing matches: no matter who you’re rooting for, we all just want a good show!

These ladies (and a couple of gents) gave us the entertainment we deserve—emphasis on entertainment, because guess what? Most of these actors are friends in real life! Yet their friendly competition kept showbiz on edge and unpredictably exciting. Check out the most memorable Pinoy movie rivalries below!

Sharon Cuneta and Maricel Soriano

Megastar Sharon and Diamond Star Maricel were the most popular celebrities of the ‘80s, but the two couldn’t be more different. Whereas Sharon was demure and poised, Maricel was the kalog and unpredictable type. Nevertheless, they were both fiercely talented and were immediately pitted against each other.

Good thing their “feud” didn’t affect their actual relationship. In fact, they recently got together at the 2019 ABS-CBN Christmas Special and Sharon even posted a pic of them together.


Gloria Romero and Nida Blanca

Our lolos and lolas will remember this one. The biggest stars of the ‘50s, Gloria and Nida were fierce queens who were pitted against each other at every turn. Gloria was known for being ladylike, while Nida was loved for her unguarded demeanor. But the two never really had serious beef with each other. In fact, they even starred in movies together. We stan friendly rivalries!

Amalia Fuentes and Susan Roces

Susan Roces was at one point the biggest star of Sampaguita Pictures, well-loved by so many Filipinos for her sweet and well-mannered image. But another woman rose to stardom: Amalia Fuentes, who captured the public's heart with her firecracker persona. And thus, a rivalry was born. The “feud” eventually died down, and in 1968, the ladies starred in a film called “Cover Girls".

Aga Muhlach and Richard Gomez

Aga and Richard were among the biggest male stars of the ‘80s, so it was only natural for them to be pitted against each other. Despite this “rivalry," their careers have been quite similar in the decades that followed, having been paired with high-profile actresses and garnering acting accolades along the way. Now, they’re dads who probably just want to chill (with a project or two on the side). Cute story: Aga’s son, Andres, took Richard’s daughter, Juliana, to prom in July 2019.

Angelica Panganiban and Camille Prats

As the biggest child stars of the ‘90s, Angelica and Camille often played enemies on screen. But in real life, they couldn’t be any closer! Just look at this adorable pic they have together:


Judy Ann Santos and Claudine Barretto

Juday and Claudine were the queens of TV, starring in two of the biggest soap operas in the ‘90s: “Esperanza” (Juday) and “Mula Sa Puso” (Claudine). Both had high-profile leading men, a successful career in movies, and tons of awards, so it was only natural for fans to compare them. But there was no actual feud behind the scenes. They’ve even swapped their respective leading men (both ladies have been paired with Piolo Pascual and Rico Yan) in films.

They have maintained a strong friendship throughout the years, and both have even expressed wanting to do a project together. This collab totally needs to happen!


Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos

Probably the most iconic rivalry of all time in the history of Pinoy cinema, the Nora and Vilma feud was the center of all showbiz drama in the ‘70s and, to a certain extent, up to now. Their fans keep debating who’s the better actress. But we say, why have one legend when you can have two, right?

Thankfully, the feud didn’t harm their admiration for each other. Both are actually friends in real life and are fans of each other’s work. Ate Guy has even admitted that she had a crush on Ate Vi! They also starred in two films together: “T-Bird at Ako” and “Ikaw ay Akin”.

What’s your favorite Pinoy showbiz rivalry?

More videos of these stars here!

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