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8 inspiring vloggers you need to follow on Youtube

These vloggers and content creators know how to use their platform for a good cause.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/31/2021 in News
8 inspiring vloggers you need to follow on Youtube

In a platform where you have the freedom to post anything you want, these vloggers decided to use it to create and inspire.

This Lenten season, let the videos of these Youtubers help you to pause and reflect, and make you realize how being grateful and giving back to others can return and benefit you a thousandfold. These creators made use of their influence for good causes, which serves as an inspiration for their legion of fans and viewers.

We rounded up eight of the most inspiring vloggers who are worth binge-ing for this time of Lent:

1. Cong TV

Lincoln Velasquez, best known as Cong TV, is a content creator and the founder of Team Payaman. He and his team are best known for bringing good vibes to their vlogs with their solid and admirable friendship, even with those who already left — just like the passing of their fellow Youtuber Emman Nimedez.

Through their content wars, Cong TV and Team Payaman raised funds for his bereaved family by donating the earnings from their videos.

2. Ivana Alawi

Before she became an actress, Ivana is best known for her entertaining vlogs that range from documenting her daily life to harmless pranks. These pranks were done in good faith, such as helping delivery riders, street vendors, and surprising her families with gifts.

Ivana was also among those who lent a helping hand during the pandemic. She was also present in times of need for those who have been affected by calamities.

3. The Hungry Syrian Wanderer

Basel Manadil, better known as The Hungry Syrian Wanderer, is a Syrian vlogger who moved to the Philippines when he was 18. He's best known for his heartwarming vlogs about helping those who are in need: from providing relief goods, to handing generous tips, and even giving away gadgets to those who need them.

4. Mimiyuuuh

The "Dalagang Pilipina" challenge is where it all started for Mimiyuuuh — and the rest, they say, is history. With his bubbly personality and effortless wit, it immediately made him one of the top social media influencers, which allowed him to make connections with the biggest names and brands in the industry!

And because of his hard work, Mimiyuuuh was finally able to fulfill the dreams of his parents: to have their own house and a brand new car!

5. Bakla ng Taon

Formed by the late Lloyd Cadena, the group was first seen on his vlogs until he decided to create their own channel. Just like Lloyd, the group of gays started vlogging make-up tutorials until they decided to also expand in documenting their lives.

Although their Kween LC has already passed away, the BNT is still living his legacy of helping those who are in need just like how Lloyd taught them.

6. Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero

Two of the most subscribed Youtubers in the country, these half-siblings are known for their sick dance moves and covers. But apart from their trending dance videos, Ranz and Niana are also active in helping those who are in need through relief efforts and generously giving back in the form of various challenges and pranks.

7. Ms. Everything Vlogs

Ericka Camata, best known as Ms. Everything, first went viral for her hit punchlines — but most especially the "Hello, everyone! How are you feeling right now?" Ms. Everything then became a social media sensation in an instant and is now spreading more joy and good vibes through her vlogs.

While she's now slowly becoming a huge name in the vlogging industry, Ms. Everything has never forgotten her humble roots and always features her simple life in the province.

8. Yasmin Asistido

A rising internet sensation, Yasmin Asistido, also known as Kween Yasmin, is known for her hilarious song and dance covers. At a young age, Yasmin has learned how to take responsibility for herself as she helped her aunt make a living through vlogging.

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