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9 housemates who were force evicted in 'Pinoy Big Brother'

These housemates made headlines after violating numerous rules inside Kuya's house.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/3/2021 in News
9 housemates who were force evicted in 'Pinoy Big Brother'

Several controversies have hounded "Pinoy Big Brother" in the past, and among them were the housemates who have made headlines for their controversial violations that led them to being forcibly evicted from Kuya's house.

In light of the nearing end of the latest "PBB" season, here's a look back to some of the most unforgettable pasaway housemates:

1. Franzen Fajardo from Season 1

Throughout his stay, Franzen had violated numerous house rules making him automatically nominated every week. He was saved by his supporters every time, but him doing the mouthing of words became the last straw for him to be forcibly evicted.

However, his fellow housemate Cassandra Ponti wanted Franzen to stay by doing a voluntary exit. Big Brother decided to do a voting to make the decision fair for both housemates. Franzen then again made a violation by sharing what Kuya told him in the confession room to Jason Gainza. Cassandra then ended up being the season's Third Big Placer.

2. Maricris Dizon from Season 2

Remember that iconic catfight between Maricris and Beatriz Saw? That actually led to Maricris' forced eviction after she verbally threatened Bea as she tried to cool herself down. Her exact words? "Dito muna ako baka masaksak ko si Bea."

3. Tom Mott from Double Up

Now known as Tom Rodriguez, the actor got carried away by his emotions and punched a wall after they lost the competition against the other house. Tom actually hurt his hand and damaged the wall, which led to him being rushed to the hospital.

He was given the chance to return the house, but only for Kuya to explain that any form of violence will be met with forced eviction.

4. Shey Bustamante from Teen Clash of 2010

Shey was led to forced eviction because of her continuous violation of initiating discussions about how they should nominate fellow housemate Tricia Santos.

She also discussed with Joe Vargas and Patrick Sugui about whom they should nominate next once Tricia got successfully evicted.

5. Eslove Briones from Teen Clash of 2010

Eslove got forcibly evicted due to playing around the kitchen with a knife and jokingly pointing it to Tricia Santos. It was clear that any form of violence will not be tolerated inside Kuya's house.

6. Cess Visitacion from All In

Cess violated five house rules that eventually led to being forced evicted from the house. This included asking questions about the outside world, removing her mic, whispering, moving around the house furniture, and writing secret messages.

7. Baron Geisler from Celebrity Edition 1

During the season's Christmas party, Baron drank several beers which led to things going out of hand. He then verbally abused the other housemates, including content creator Will Devaughn whom he threatened. Kuya then decided to evict him from the house.

8. Jon Avila from Celebrity Edition 1

Jon almost made it to the Big 4 but he was forcibly evicted. Down to the last five housemates, Jon "manipulated" them to "boycott" the nomination process so that they will end up as the Big 5. Jon admitted what he did to Kuya, explaining that he wanted everyone to nominate each other.

Due to the seriousness of the offense, it even reached a point where Kuya had to discuss what happened to Endemol, the worldwide owner of the Big Brother reality show franchise. They came to a decision to evict Jon from the house.

9. Banjo Dangalan from "PBB Otso"

Banjo made headlines during the run of "PBB Otso" because of the rape joke he made about Gino Roque IV. Among the controversial jokes he made were "Siguro masarap itong katabi sa pagtulog" and "Pagsasamantalahan ko lang ito."

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