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Julia Barretto believes there's nothing wrong with making the first move on a guy

Julia also weighed in on maintaining the privacy of intimate moments in a relationship

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/29/2021 in News
Julia Barretto believes there's nothing wrong with making the first move on a guy

There's nothing wrong with girls making the first move in a relationship.

This is what Julia Barretto believes as she revealed in a sit-down vlog with actor Marco Gumabao last March 27. According to Julia, girls can make the first move, but she thinks that guys should still be in charge of pursuing the girl.

"I think it doesn’t matter who expresses first. I think it’s okay when a girl lets you know how she feels, whether it’s reciprocated or not. But definitely, I believe that guys should be the one pursuing,” she explained.

The same goes for saying "I love you," which Julia believes can be done by either the boy or the girl.

In terms of doing a "kiss and tell" in relationships where you share about your intimate moments with your partner to your friends, Julia is not the type to do so.

"I feel like the older you get, just the more you become protective of your intimate moments in life,” she said. The actress recently went public about her relationship with Gerald Anderson.

"I feel like when you're in a relationship, you become so protective of that person that you don't wanna even divulge anything about that person or even your relationship with that person or especially your intimate moments."

“Any guy who really respects the woman that they wanna be with tapos kiniss nila or had an intimate moment with, if they really respected that girl, they wouldn’t kiss and tell," she added.

Marco, on the other hand, admitted that he used to be that kind of guy, but later on realized how insensitive it was.

"You think it's just a normal kuwentuhan. Pero 'yun pala, 'di mo nare-realize, nababastos ko pala 'yung privacy ng taong ito," Marco said.

"You might want to tell other people about who you kissed. Pero baka 'yung person na kiniss mo, ayaw niya pala ipaalam sa iba tao. So you always have to be sensitive sa ibang tao," he stressed.

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