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5 family movies you need to watch this Holy Week

Time to reflect this Lenten season with these classic family dramas

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/29/2021 in News
5 family movies you need to watch this Holy Week

The pandemic may have changed the way we live, but it certainly did not change the way some people celebrate the Lenten season in their homes.

If you want to take a break and reflect on life this time of Lent, you can never go wrong with Star Cinema family movies that will not just move you, but teach you a thing or two about life, forgiveness, and rekindling relationships. So set a movie night with your family and prepare some tissues as you binge on these films:

"Tanging Yaman"

What happens when long-estranged siblings with an unsettled past have to reunite for their ailing mother, you say? It results in a chaotic reunion, what with all the resentments being brought up in the most difficult situation.

But it was also in that time that they had the courage to forgive and forget, and come to the realization to put the past behind them.

"Dekada '70"

This iconic 2002 movie which revolves around the selflessness of a mother whose five sons fought for their lives during the Marcos regime will always be worth the rewatch.

"Four Sisters and a Wedding" and "Four Sisters Before the Wedding"

A Holy Week movie night wouldn't be complete without this Cathy Garcia-Molina cult favorite that tackles all sorts of family issues. "Four Sisters and a Wedding" is beautiful and painful at the same time, as their family's long-held grudges are unraveled and tackled in a heavy confrontation that will surely move you to tears.

And if you're curious how the family reached that point of being hurt, the prequel, "Four Sisters Before the Wedding", will answer every question the 2013 film has left in your mind.

"Seven Sundays"

Another Cathy Garcia-Molina masterpiece, this story has everything a Filipino family can relate to: unwanted responsibilities, favoritism, irresponsible family members. And all that will make you reflect on how to deal with these in your own personal life.

"Three Words to Forever"

The 2018 film tackles the stories of three couples, each of whom is facing their own relationship problems. Whether you're considering annulment, or struggling with intimacy, or thinking twice about pursuing marriage, this Cathy Garcia-Molina gem has the answers you need to your contemplations.

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