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Nadine Lustre opens up how she’s moving on from breakup with James Reid

How is Nadine Lustre now after her breakup with James Reid?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/23/2021 in News
Nadine Lustre opens up how she’s moving on from breakup with James Reid

When we think of Nadine Lustre, we think of style, talent, beauty, and overall fierceness. She knows what she wants and how she plans to get it.

But being a strong, independent woman doesn’t mean being stone cold. There’s a vulnerability in Nadine too and she doesn’t shy away from admitting it.

For the cover story of this month’s issue of Nylon Manila, the Kapamilya star opened up about her breakup with James Reid and how she’s coping with it.

She revealed that in the past, she learned to bottle up her feelings and walk away from people when things go down south.

“I used to just completely shut off from people,” said Nadine. “No closure, no healing from past traumas, including friendships.”

The “Till I Met You” actress explained that she did this to avoid getting hurt and escape the feeling of loneliness.

“I’ve always been afraid of being left behind. I’m afraid of being abandoned, because that’s how it feels when you’re in a relationship for a long time and you separate. It changes you a lot. It makes you feel like there was something wrong with you that’s why the person left you. Before, I would blame myself. I would think to myself: ‘May pagkukulang ako or may ginawa ako,’” she said.

Nadine stated that she hasn’t fully moved on from their split yet and she is in no rush. This time, she’s letting herself feel what her heart tells her to.

“You know, I would say I’m slowly ascending from that trauma. You can’t put a timeline on it. It’ll just happen,” she shared. “Of course, I won’t stop myself from feeling sad. That’s also four years of being together… it’s not like I'm not going to cry.”

She added, “Before, I would stop myself from crying because I’d think it would only make me more sad. When you stop feeling that or going through the process, you’re also not allowing yourself from taking a step higher… If I don’t cry about it, it’s going to stay there, bottle up, and eventually, I might break down and get messed up even more.”

And now, whenever she lets her emotions run free, she takes another step towards healing.

“When you’re done, you move on,” said Nadine.

In January 2020, JaDine shocked the nation after confirming their breakup through a joint statement after much speculation. However, they have remained close and every now and then, rumors of them getting back together pop up.

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