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EXCLUSIVE: Zach Castañeda shares tips on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle

Crash diets? Sugary foods? That's a big no-no for new Rise artist Zach Castañeda!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/22/2021 in News
EXCLUSIVE: Zach Castañeda shares tips on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle

When it comes to staying fit, new Rise artist Zach Castañeda has some helpful tips on how to keep yourself strong and healthy.

Dubbed as the Prince of TV Commercials, Zach is among the five artists who recently signed with Rise Artists Studio and Star Magic. We got to chat with him in an exclusive interview where he shared how he practices eating clean and living an active lifestyle.

"Ayoko nung mga crash diet," he began. "That's the unhealthiest way to diet. You cannot skip a meal, you should always have something to eat, and dapat healthy din."

And while crash dieting is already bad, Zach also pointed out the one thing people should say no to — sugar!

"Avoid sugary stuff. That's a big factor why people get fat easily. It's not just because of carbs, but also sugar," he stressed.



Just a quick glimpse of his Instagram account and you'll see how much of a fitness junkie he is. According to Zach, he mostly follows a routine which targets the muscles.

"In terms of workout, I always tell people to stick with a routine. The routine that I do is actually push-pull and then legs," he shared.

And while weight training can be good, Zach also emphasizes the importance of cardio workouts.

"And I will tell people not just work out, I'd also tell them to do cardio. A lot of people neglect that and they will just stick to weight training."



"When we get older, our heart will get weaker. And with cardio, the more your heart will get stronger in the future," he said.

Well said, Zach!

Stay tuned for more fitness and lifestyle tips from your favorite Rise artists here at Star Cinema's official social media accounts!

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