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'I am willing to go to war': Kris Aquino speaks up about various controversies involving sons, family, and politics

"Karapatan ko ipaglaban ang dignidad at pagkatao ng mga mahalaga sa akin."

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/22/2021 in News
'I am willing to go to war': Kris Aquino speaks up about various controversies involving sons, family, and politics

Kris Aquino has finally had enough.

Over the past months, the Queen of All Media became subject to malicious and controversial issues involving her family. This led her to address everything in a video, where she explained that keeping quiet about the issues caused her more stress.

In the 25-minute tell-all video, Kris began by responding to the gossip involving her two sons, Joshua and Bimby. She previously defended Joshua from the rumors that he had impregnated a woman in Tarlac, where he is currently staying, saying that it was all nothing but fake news.

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Now, Kris reiterated that her 25-year-old son "happens to be very happy in Tarlac," and clarified that "he is not there para mag-establish ako ng presence in the same province where my father and my brother started their public service journeys."



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Kris also defended Bimby, who had always been subject to bullying online, and emphasized he's too good of a person to be treated that way.

"Utang na loob naman, please. This is 2021, we are living in 2021. Bimb is tall, he is good-looking, he is well-educated, he is intelligent…. He is articulate, respectful. Hindi siya palamura. And he happens to be very mature."

"Thirteen years old lang siya, nakakahiya man aminin, pero siya ang gumagawa ng lahat ng paraan para lang gumaan 'yung mga problema ko at para mapaligaya niya ako," she revealed.

Kris also emphasized that she is "willing to go to war" when it comes to her children because “Hindi nila fault that they cannot count on their fathers. Hindi nila choice na ang nanay nila ang apilyido, Aquino. Hindi nila kasalanan that the lies about my family will continue until history gets completely rewritten."

Moving forward, Kris also opened up about reconnecting with former flame Herbert Bautista.

"To quote my son noong pinag-uusapan namin, sinabi niya, 'I can see, Mama, how you look at him. You do not look at others the way you look at him. If he is your happiness, then he has my vote.'"

Kris then clarified that the "vote" as mentioned by Bimby doesn't have any connection to Herbert's political career, and that "whatever plans he has, they are his own." She also said that she has no plans of building a career of her own in politics.

In terms of her supposed television comeback that never happened, Kris explained that it was because of political reasons.

I was told, 'Mahirap nang ma-offend ang Palasyo. I took that, kasi political reality 'yan. Hindi 'yan ginawa ng nanay ko, hindi 'yan ginawa ng kapatid ko, but I know how this game is played," she said.

Despite being connected to the rival party, Kris has nothing against the current administration - which is why trolls should have no reasons to attack her.

She explained, “I have no party affiliation pero alam ko kung sino ang napatalsik at gustong-gusto kaming gantihan dahil kulang para sa kanila na pinapatay ang dad ko. That is not President Duterte because alam ko, never ko siyang binanatan. So para po sa mga DDS, wala tayong reason na maging magkaaway."

"With everything that has happened, I still continue to pray for the current administration, for this government that is ruling us right now. Because their downfall will be the downfall of all Filipinos," she pressed.

And to end her video, Kris said that she did this because she has the right to protect everyone that matters to her.

"Karapatan ko ipaglaban ang dignidad at pagkatao ng mga mahalaga sa akin - my two sons, the memory of my parents, my siblings, at baka dumating pa 'yung taong mamahalin ako ng tapat publicly," she said.

Kris also quoted Taylor Swift's song "mad woman," stressing how she's not here "to attack," but rather left with no choice but "to defend."

“No one likes a mad woman. You made her like that. You’ll poke that bear till her claws come out and you find something to wrap your news around and there’s nothing like a mad woman. I am taking my time, taking my time because you took everything from me. Watching you climb, watching you climb over people like me," she read.

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