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James Reid joins Ryan Bang for a mukbang

Ryan Bang catches James Reid off guard with this question!

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3/12/2021 in News
James Reid joins Ryan Bang for a mukbang

After trying and ultimately failing to cook a meal for James Reid, Ryan Bang looked his buddy straight in the eye and told him he was offended by something he did in the past.

“Nagtampo ako kay James,” Ryan said on his vlog. “I invite him every time. ‘James, let’s go to Korea. You sleep [in] my house.’ James [said], ‘Okay, okay.’ And then you go to Korea with 45-60 people!”

Of course, the numbers were an exaggeration, but the “It’s Showtime” host was talking about James and Nadine Lustre’s 2016 Korea trip where they were joined by Sam Concepcion, Bret Jackson, and the rest of their posse.

“Yeah, it was Nadine’s birthday,” James replied.

Ryan asked why he wasn't invited then and James explained to him, “It’s Nadine’s birthday, it’s not my birthday.”

But to make up to his former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate, James promised Ryan this: “I’ll bring her here. But we should go to Korea.”

James and Nadine, together known as the love team JaDine, dated for four years before announcing their breakup in January 2020. Rumors, however, say that they are back together and have been living in the same house.

Watch Ryan’s vlog here:

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