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Julia Barretto speaks up about being the target of bashing

Julia Barretto shares thoughts on why haters keep hating

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/11/2021 in News
Julia Barretto speaks up about being the target of bashing

How does Julia Barretto handle mean comments? Simple. She just doesn’t give a f*ck.

The actress had a chat with celebrity photographer BJ Pascual for his vlog and they got to talking about constanly being on the receiving end of online bashing. Mark Manson’s best-selling book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck” came up, and though Julia said she hasn’t finished reading it, she gets what it's trying to say by learning it from experience.

“The older I’m getting, I’m slowly starting to realize how important it is to compartmentalize: what matters and what doesn’t matter. Sometimes, when it’s the opinion of people who don’t have a significant role in your life, who really don’t matter to you, who you don’t even know, I’m never going to be affected by it. You don’t know me, I don’t know you, we can’t judge each other. It’s just not possible,” she shared.

Even though she feels she had been “crucified” online, if what’s being said about her isn't by her “family, friends, people who are close to her, and the ones who really know her,” then she won’t even bother caring. Besides, Julia didn’t spend almost all her life in the spotlight and witnessed several members of her family deal with the good and bad of it for nothing.

“The older that I’m getting and the longer that I’ve been in the business—‘cause I started out at six years old—and being in the family, and you know, a lot of them have been in the spotlight for so many years, and growing up in the spotlight also, whether you do something good or bad, people will always have something to say,” she explained.

So Julia tells herself, “Keep going, keep doing you. Wala, may masasabi, eh. Kahit ang ganda na ng nagawa mo, meron pa rin silang masasabi. May taong ganoon, eh.”

The “Love You To The Stars and Back” star, however, admitted that sometimes when she reads a comment that is way beyond the line, she answers back. But always with kindness and respect.

“Hindi ako mapagpatol. Pero ‘pag may mga nagco-cross na ng line, I will answer, but never in a bastos way. I won’t pay back bad for bad. I believe paying back good sa bad. Fight the good fight of faith, ‘di ba sabi sa Bible? Mabibilang mo sa kamay mo pa [‘yung times na pumatol ako], pero very nicely and I’m always hoping for the best for them every time I reply,” said the 24-year-old.

She continued, “It’s always like, ‘I will pray for you tonight, I hope I know your heart is at peace.’ Because for you to be talking to me this way, you must be going through something, ‘di ba? Kasi kung at peace ka, masaya ka, you’ll not talk to anybody that way. Kung hindi ka bitter sa buhay mo, ‘di ba? Maybe they’re not okay? Maybe there’s something they wanna improve in their lives na hindi pa nababago. I just don’t wanna judge also, because I know what it’s like to be judged.”

Watch her interview with BJ here:

Julia recently became the target of criticisms yet again after going public with her relationship with her “Between Maybes” co-star Gerald Anderson.

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