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Roxanne Barcelo reveals details about ‘very private’ husband

Roxanne Barcelo finally talked about her husband on “I Feel U”

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Star Cinema Admin

3/1/2021 in News
Roxanne Barcelo reveals details about ‘very private’ husband

Leave it to Roxanne Barcelo to surprise us all with wedding and baby news in a span of two months!

The “Wildflower” actress had the prettiest smile as she talked about her new hubby on “I Feel U” last Sunday, February 28.

Sharing how and why she fell for him, she said, “He loves me so unconditionally. That alone. ‘Yung parang accepted who I am. He isn’t afraid to be silly with me. My husband makes me laugh every day.”

Roxanne then compared him to her dad, who passed away two years ago. “Definitely [my husband] is the greatest man I’ve ever known, that is alive. ‘Yung tatay ko was the greatest man I’ve ever known before meeting my husband, and now I have two beautiful men to really love.”

She kept her relationship with her husband a secret to everyone in the beginning as she wanted to maintain how “precious and pure” it was. “I just want to enjoy it first and experience it. Only a few friends knew him from when we were dating.”



The “Pinoy Big Brother” alum still has not revealed his identity, but she gave a few details about him in the interview. “Hindi siya Filipino. Hindi siya taga dito, he’s from Hong Kong. But he lives a very private life.”

She explained that not showing his face or his name is also her way of keeping something to herself after sharing “too much” to her fans.

“Alam naman ng lahat ng tao na I like to share too much. I always like to share. But this time, I really have to respect his decision to stay private. I’m hoping one day dahan-dahan na pwedeng kahit boses man lang, pa-Big Brother ang peg.”

Roxanne went public about their wedding through a vlog last December. A month later, she announced that they are expecting a baby.

Watch the episode here:

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