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Arjo Atayde opens up how girlfriend Maine Mendoza has changed him

Arjo Atayde explains why he almost quit showbiz in 2020

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Star Cinema Admin

3/1/2021 in News
Arjo Atayde opens up how girlfriend Maine Mendoza has changed him

Nothing gets us more kilig than a guy professing his love for his girlfriend.

Arjo Atayde didn’t shy away when he got asked how love has change him during a sit-down interview with his friend Enchong Dee.

The “Bagman” star, who’s dating actress Maine Mendoza, admitted that being in a serious relationship gave him a whole new perspective.

“Number one, maturity. The goals,” he said.

Arjo and Maine didn’t see it coming, but when they fell in love, it just happened and it seems like everything’s going perfect.

“Yeah, it happened all of a sudden. I thought it was gonna take 10 years! Just kidding,” said Arjo.

He added, “When you just really know what you want in life, you know who you want to be with the person you love the most, you just know, eh.”

But Arjo also said that their relationship is not made up of fairytales. It’s real and it continues to motivate him to improve himself.

“It’s not something ‘slow-mo’, but it’s something so real that it straightens you up all the way. So, yeah, I think when you’re in love, I guess you become inspired and be a better person from there. Not try to be. Just be who you are, be good,” he explained.

Another “real” experience Arjo has been through was the anguish he felt when ABS-CBN — his home network — was denied a franchise by the Congress last year.

The award-winning actor shared, “I was too damaged with the whole ABS thing. I was too damaged and people were asking for help and I couldn’t bear it. I was just in deep pain, you know? And until now, every time I think about it, I get emotional. How could I act if every time I am there, I’ll remember every single thing? You just have to man up, live with it day by day. You have to move forward. You have to fight whatever’s there.”

“But if there’s a problem, there’s a solution. Maybe not today, but maybe next year, maybe next time. But there will be a solution to whatever problem there is,” he continued. “So I had to bear with it. But obviously, I’m not making it sound so dramatic because everyone was going through it, right? I’m a different person, ‘di ba? Kanya-kanyang pag-absorb nung problema.”

Arjo was affected by the news so badly that it even made his want to quit to showbiz altogether. “I was just totally damaged inside emotionally. But I didn’t want to speak online emotionally. I don’t know why. But I have got to give it to myself. Alanganin, eh. You always have your guards up. There will always be lamang, that’s how it was.”

“I just saw it dying slowly and I died with it. If they sink, I sink with them. I can’t do anything about it,” said Arjo.

Watch the full vlog here:

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