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Nadine Lustre gets candid about plastic surgery rumors

Nadine Lustre has the perfect response to people saying she’s “retokada”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/8/2021 in News
Nadine Lustre gets candid about plastic surgery rumors

Another day, another chance for us to witness the glory of Nadine Lustre being fearlessly and unapologetically herself.

She is revered as a woman of talent, taste, and beauty. And when someone is that prominent of a figure in the entertainment industry, people will ALWAYS have something to say.

One of the rumors often thrown at Nadine is that she had gone through the knife and got her nose done. But in an interview with celebrity doctor Aivee Teo, the award-winning actress finally set the record straight.

“Why do people keep on insisting that I had my nose done? I guess because you know Doc, I feel like it’s the puberty, it’s growing. It’s the growing up that really made it look like [I got a nose job], but it’s real,” said Nadine.

Doc Aivee attested to that, saying, “I know. I believe Nadine. I should know, I’m her doctor. I would know. I would know. So I don’t believe you had rhinoplasty. I’ve seen Nadine when she was younger. I know it’s the same nose. Really, it is. She did not. Well, you should say it yourself.”

“It’s the same nose,” Nadine added.

“I really don’t understand, you know, people who keep on calling me retokada. Because they think I got my nose done. I really didn’t get my nose done,” continued the “Wildest Dreams” artist. “You can believe whatever you wanna believe, but I’m telling you now, I’m not lying to you that I’ve never had my nose done.”

To which Doc Aivee replied, “Well, you don’t need it. Because your nose is nice.”

Although, Nadine admitted that the thought of doing it already crossed her mind, but Doc Aivee advised against it.

“Yes. I mean, I’ve thought about it. I talked about it a lot of times. Right, Doc? I would consult with Doc, but like at the end of the day, it looks good. It’s okay,” said Nadine.

“Yeah, I tell Nadine ‘You know, you look good. I think your nose fits your whole look. I don’t want it to look too strong, and I think you’re just so beautiful as is, ‘di ba? So, she did not do her nose,” said Doc Aivee.

The “Talk Back and You’re Dead” star thinks that maybe her nose may look different to some because she has grown and lost weight, making her features more defined.

“I feel like it’s because I lost a lot of weight. I feel like when this part was gone, everything else looked more defined,” she pointed out. “And of course, like I grew older. Things like facial features and everything about your body, it’s more defined as you grow older. So I don’t know why.”

Nadine then talked about people’s negative perspective on plastic surgery that goes on until this day. “But you know, Doc, one thing that I really don’t understand is that why is there such a stigma when it comes to plastic surgery, right? I just don’t understand why people see it as a bad thing. And people use it against people who actually do it. Like you can’t really hate on a person who wants to improve how they look and who wants to look good.”

She brought up the fact that celebrities who have had certain enhancements would often get shamed. “Like every time someone is on the news because they got something done. I mean, people are always bashing that person and saying ‘Ay retokada!’ Why is it a bad thing? It shouldn’t be a bad thing. I mean, if anything, it’s none of your business because they wanted to do it. I mean, it’s their body.”

If Nadine ever decides to get her a nose job someday, she says she doesn’t mind announcing it. “I would tell you pa!”

And to anyone who’d still have a problem with it, we only have this to say: C’mon, guys, it’s 2021. (And stream Wildest Dreams!)

Watch Nadine’s interview here:

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