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COMPILED: The greatest love advice from Toni Gonzaga through the years

You can only expect the best wisdom from Toni.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

2/6/2021 in News
COMPILED: The greatest love advice from Toni Gonzaga through the years

The adage "With age comes with wisdom" proves to be true for Toni Gonzaga.

Through the years, the "I Feel U" host has been sharing some pieces of advice about life and love that truly resonates with every one who hears it. 

And so this Love Month, let's all look back at the greatest pieces of love advice Toni has imparted that will make you ponder on your perspective about marriage and relationships:

1. "Your love should be greater than your lust for each other." - Toni's interview on "Aquino and Abunda Tonight" in 2014

Back when Toni and Direk Paul (Soriano) were still dating, the host was asked during her "Aquino & Abunda Tonight" guesting how she veered away from temptation for the past six years of their relationship. According to Toni, she never puts herself in a situation that will make her jump into temptation.



She also stressed that love conquers all, including lust for each other.

"At the end of it all, love really does conquer all. Iko-conquer lahat ng love yan. If your love is stronger than your lust for each other, there's nothing you can't surpass," she said.


4. "Your obedience and sacrifice will always be rewarded in the end." - Toni from her "Why It Pays To Wait" vlog

In 2019, Toni finally ventured into vlogging. And for her first video, she documented her week-long Amanpulo vacation with Direk Paul and their son Seve.

But what caught us in her travel vlog was when she shared how she always wanted to step foot on the island, and how their vacation was the perfect time — making all the waiting worth it.

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"Medyo matagal-tagal ang hinihintay ko para ma-experience 'to, pero it was all worth it. Kaya pala ako pinaghintay nang matagal kasi may magandang nakalaan," she said.



"Kung siguro pinilit ko pumunta dito noon, it would've cost me hundreds and thousands of pesos, and it would've cost me pa my relationship with my parents. But because I've waited for God's perfect time, it cost me nothing," she added.

5. "The pain of discipline is better than the pain of regret." - Toni from her "The First Man Who Broke My Heart" vlog in 2019

For her second vlog, Toni had a heart-to-heart talk with her father Bonoy whom she tagged as the first man who broke her heart. 

In the video, Toni asked questions about her father with regards to him being a strict dad during her dating stage with Direk Paul.

“Kailangan makita niya na mayroong nag-po-protekta sa inyo. Lahat ng ama, ‘pag ang anak nila ay babae at may nanliligaw, sinusuri ng lahat ng magulang ‘yan. Dapat diyan bina-bluff kaagad,” he said.



In the end, Toni shared her reflection about how she now understands her father's strict nature and how she's grateful for following his father in the past.

6. “It’s not about you anymore… there’s no more I. I keep telling her there’s no more I in marriage. There’s no more me. It’s all about we, us—you become one with your partner. Kapag kinasal ka na, it’s a union na. You are one.” - Toni to Alex Gonzaga during a press interview in 2020



Alex Gonzaga, who was newly engaged at that time, received the best marriage advice from her ate when it comes to being husband and wife.

Toni reminded her sister that once they got married, you are now submitting yourself to your husband. No more me, and only we and us, in marriage.

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