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PHOTOS: JoshLia's kilig moments that make us miss them even more

We don't think we can ever move on from the chemistry they had on and off-cam 😢

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 2/5/2021 in Photos

Trust us when we say how much we feel for all the Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia fans when they broke up in 2019.

JoshLia had the chemistry that touched us on a different level, and the way they treat each other off-camera is just as kilig-inducing. We've witnessed how they've come together and fallen apart, and the friendship they have formed after their breakup is something we'll always cherish as their fans.

And so this Love Month, let's have a little walk down the memory lane of how JoshLia won our hearts that makes us miss their love team even more.

See more of their kilig moments in the gallery above!

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