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Cherry Pie Picache shocked over son Nio Tria’s decision to join showbiz

Nio Tria says mom Cherry Pie Picache is very hands-on despite busy sched

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Star Cinema Admin

2/3/2021 in News
Cherry Pie Picache shocked over son Nio Tria’s decision to join showbiz

Nio Tria gave his mom Cherry Pie Picache a shock when he told her he’s joining showbiz.

In his interview on “I Feel U” last Sunday, January 31, the 18-year-old shared that she immediately told him about the hard truths of the industry.

“Nagulat siya and hindi niya in-expect na may project to make me an artista. Pero she told me lang na she supports me whatever I want. She told me na ang pagiging artista, hindi siya ‘yung nakikita mo sa TV na hindi lang pagpapaganda, pagpapapogi. Hindi lang fame and glamour, mahirap ‘yung pagiging artista and ‘yung hard work behind ‘yung dapat alam ko and ready ako ibigay and gawin.”

Nio is also an athlete and a great one at that. He is ranked no. 200 on the global tennis list and no. 2 in the Philippines, which, of course, he wouldn’t be able to achieve without the support of his mom.

“I really appreciate the support she has given me. Sa lahat ng dreams and passions ko, tennis and school, she always made sure na she shows her support in whatever way she can,” he said.

On the episode, Cherry Pie expressed her support for her son through a video message and affirmed that she may not have expected his decision of becoming an artista, but she is still happy for him.

“I know this is a totally different journey for you. Pero honestly, hindi ko naisip you’d really decide on entering my world,” said the veteran actress.

“I know that you grew up being a part of my world and this industry, it’s a big part of your growing up years. Pero hindi ko inakala na papasukin mo rin, but I’m happy.” She continued, “I remember that you told me that you don’t wanna regret the day of not taking the chance of the opportunity that you have.”

Nio later added that he takes his mom as his inspiration and opened up how she never failed to take care of him when he was growing up despite her busy schedule.

“Nakaka-inspire ang lahat ng paghihirap and hard work na ginawa niya, sobrang grateful po ako doon. Even though nagwo-work siya and busy siya as an actor, always po siyang hands-on sa akin. Never niya ‘kong nakalimutang i-text or tawagan any time na may time to call me or check on me. I’m really grateful that I have a mom like that,” said Nio.

Will we see them on screen acting together? He said that would be a dream. “Sobrang gandang experience nun.”

Watch the full episode here:

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