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Marco Gallo introduces non-showbiz girlfriend

Marco and his girlfriend Rachel look happily in love!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

2/24/2021 in News
Marco Gallo introduces non-showbiz girlfriend

"Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7" alum Marco Gallo has formally introduced his non-showbiz girlfriend Rachel Hemphill on social media.

Yesterday, February 23, the actor-model shared a series of photos with his new girl whom he described as someone who is "worth fighting for."

"To the moment that everyone close to me has been waiting for, but especially me, here it is! So happy to announce to the whole world my dear Rach that you’re my girlfriend! To this woman that was worth fighting for, I dedicated a simple 'Ti amo con tutto il cuore' ❤️"

Rachel, for her part, also shared photos with Marco by the beach with the caption, "no matter where life takes us, you’ll always be my first love."

Prior to going public with his new relationship, Marco has been sharing photos with Rachel in the past week although he kept mum about their status.

His last public relationship was with Juliana Gomez, the unica hija of Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres.

In an interview in 2018, Marco said that he and Juliana called it quits before he flew back to his birth country in Italy where he pursued modeling.

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