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Julia Barretto on how many kids she wants: ‘I want a tribe!’

Julia Barretto says she wants to “start early” and have lots of kids!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/24/2021 in News
Julia Barretto on how many kids she wants: ‘I want a tribe!’

How does Julia Barretto see herself in five years? A mom with LOTS of kids!

The actress revealed that to become a mother is her reason for being and she doesn’t feel complete now that she isn't one yet.

“I feel like I have a purpose in this world, and that purpose is to be a mother. I don’t feel so fulfilled because [I don’t have a child yet],” she said during a Q&A on the latest vlog of her big sister Dani Barretto.

Julia is turning 24 in March and shared that she wants to start making them babies by the time she reaches 29.

“That’s just really it. That is the perfect age. And I feel like if you want a lot of kids, you have to start early,” she explained.

And oh, she doesn’t want just two or three kids. She wants five! “I want a tribe! I want a bunch!”

The “Love You to the Stars and Back” star has said before that she is “in love” and confirmed that she is “taken” through the “Tricky” TikTok challenge. However, she has not divulged whom she’s smitten with.

“I’m learning now, I’ve become more private, but willing to share. But just not over-sharing, just to protect yourself,” said Julia.

In the video, she just said that she is indeed happy, but has more reasons to be than just being in a romantic relationship. Her family and career are a big part of joy as well.

“Kailangan ‘pag wala kang love life, malungkot ka na agad? Ano ba ‘yan! Iyon na lang ba ang basis ng happiness? Hindi ba puwedeng kahit walang love life, happy pa rin?”

She added, “I am very happy because I learned the two most important ingredients in life: contentment and gratitude.”

Julia is rumored to be dating her “Between Maybes” co-star Gerald Anderson, who has also talked about settling down in a recent interview, saying that he sees himself becoming a family man in the near future.

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