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Catriona Gray admits she's a 'malambing' girlfriend to Sam Milby

Catriona also stressed the importance of having a supportive partner in a relationship

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

2/24/2021 in News
Catriona Gray admits she's a 'malambing' girlfriend to Sam Milby

In a rare moment, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray opened up about her relationship with actor Sam Milby.

Speaking to G3 San Diego in a one-on-one interview last February 22, the beauty queen was put on the hot seat with a set of questions from veteran host Boy Abunda.

He asked Catriona to describe herself when no one is watching and who she is when she's with Sam.

“Who I am when no one is watching? I am very quiet. I am very introspective," she answered.

"I allow myself to just almost be like childlike because being in the limelight, being in the public eye, I always have this feeling like I have to hold myself to a certain standard. With the different facets of my job, I need to offer different things and usually, it’s being extroverted, it’s being bubbly or high energy."

“I just feel like a simple person. When I am by myself, I cannot take myself too seriously because I’m a person. I am quiet, I am introspective, I am a deep thinker. I think deep about a lot of things,” she added.

However, she is quite the opposite when she's with Sam, as she described herself to be the affectionate type.

“I am very malambing. I am that type of person in a relationship. I am also very considerate and I am very mindful as a partner. That’s just the kind of person that I am. I am considerate of his feelings,” she described.

“I am a very active service type of person. Service din ['yung love language ni Sam], and time, and gifts,” she added.

Catriona also described Sam as the type who spoils her with gifts.

“Actually hindi ako masyadong relate sa gifts because out of all the love languages, that’s the one that I don’t have. He’s really into gifts. I am one of those people that doesn’t know how to accept gifts well. I feel hiya. But he’s very, very sweet. He’s really acts of service and time so we are able to relate to each other very well,” she said.

In terms of the qualities she is looking for in her future husband, Catriona said that he should be family-oriented, God-fearing, and supportive of her dreams.

“I would say I’m looking for someone who has great respect for their parents and is very family-oriented because me being close to my family and my parents, that’s very important to me. Two, would be God-fearing because that’s just my belief system,” she said.

“I need the support because I am creative and when I have a vision or when I have something I want to go after, I need someone who can understand that and can support me through that,” she added.

Catriona and Sam went public with their relationship in May last year.

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