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11 love teams that deserve a comeback

We'll eternally ship these love teams! 🥺

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 2/22/2021 in Photos

We've seen several love teams formed over the years, and we've invested our feelings in many of them. Unfortunately, some of them now only exist in memory and in the hearts of their fans.

So in light of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto's recent reunion that brought so much nostalgia, we've gathered our all-time favorite love teams we wish we could see on the big screen again. They gave us so much kilig that we ship them so hard until this day.

Swipe through the gallery above to see if your favorite love team made it to the list! Share with us in the comments what kind of project you want to see them in if they do reunite. ❤

More videos of your favorite love teams here!

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