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Rica Peralejo sets record straight on past romance with Piolo Pascual

Rica Peralejo admits she and Piolo Pascual talked about settling down together

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/22/2021 in News
Rica Peralejo sets record straight on past romance with Piolo Pascual

Back in their 20s, Rica Peralejo and Piolo Pascual were once rumored to be an item. They kept their lips sealed then, but now we are finally getting some answers.

After 15 years, Rica finally addressed what really went on between them through a Q&A on her vlog.

“Hindi ito pa-safe, ha — yes and no," the actress answered when asked if she and Piolo were officially together.

She explained, “Yes, in the sense na ang deep naming dalawa with each other. But we never put a label on ourselves. Never namin binigay iyon sa isa’t isa. Hindi rin kami umamin sa public about dating or liking each other. I’m not sure kung umamin siya. Meron ba? Ako, I don’t recall saying — kasi I’ve been asked by several reporters about it — ‘Oo, kami.’”

Rica said that they may not have been able to put a label on their relationship, but they were so into each other, that they even started discussing a future together. “What I remember is that hindi ko rin alam kung ano nga ba talaga kami. But it was very clear to us that we liked each other a lot. We would talk about the future, like being husband and wife, and all that.”

Then she mentioned her ex-boyfriend Bernard Palanca and shared that she had the same talk with him as well.

“But, you know, I did that also with Bernard. Ganoon naman ‘pag may somebody ka na you want to be serious with. Sometimes, you can’t help but move forward with your thoughts na parang, ‘When that day comes…’ and all. I’m not going to say that I was the only one na ganoon sa buhay niya.”

Later, Rica added that while her romance with Piolo may not have progressed, they still managed to be friends and she’s grateful to him for helping her strengthen her faith.

Rica is married to Victory Christian Fellowship pastor Joseph Bonifacio. They have two kids together.

Watch Rica’s vlog:

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